Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family Outing !

My passport was expired and I felt really lazy to re-new it so just left it aside. Then I just did border pass

because I need to go to the border side of Thailand . There are a lot of nice food and clothes with cheap

price you can get it from there .

 I went there with my family and we just stayed at there for one night. After we reached there , headed to a

steamboat restaurant which I miss so much .

Sorry that the picture a bit blur . Anyway , I just love their design so much . It's more on traditional design.

It's really comfortable to have your lunch and dinner there. Well , the restaurant open at 5pm - 10pm .

Better go early cause it always crowded during dinner time . We went there 5pm sharp cause I'm very

hungry and can't stand on it already . If you know me well , you surely know that I will be very noisy when 

I'm hungry =P

You can just ignore the things on the table . Haha

I miss the sauce so much , it's spicy and sour

Seafood Steamboat . Cute Right =)

to spend time with my family with the awesome food we had together.

Then I went to the night market with my brother and saw something special . Guess what it is ?! Taa-daa. I 

know it was disgusting but nice =D Not much choices there.

Disgusting ? have a try by yourself .

Next , I bought 2 dress and a pair of shoe for myself . Nothing much to buy .Don't have the shopping mood 

Next morning , I walked out from the hotel and get myself a cup of coffee from a small stall which set at the roadside. 

I'm pretty sure you all enjoy your Christmas Day so much . Few more days then we gonna countdown for the new year .

Look forward for the opening chapter , don't close your chapter with regret =) You learn , you grow

Saturday, December 24, 2011


FYI , I went to Battleground Final Live Show and it was cool . Thank you Rubern fetch us there . What's

funny was we were lost for almost 1 HOUR . Lucky that we depart early so we managed to make in time

and meet up my babes =D It was crowded and I didn't get to take much photo. I was standing far away

from the stage so don't expect I will took much photo for the Battleground . Between , I was enjoyed the

show . Congratulation to KATOON NETWORK !!!

The show remind me about the STEP OUT that I had join for this year. I think I couldn't make it for next

year cause my dad not allow . Sigh .

The show end at 10pm.

Meet up with YUMI

The night is still young so we decided went to MOVIDA to have some drinks . Haha . We party hard on

that night. I met 2 judges from Battleground in Movida and we do have some talks =) Damn happy . Keep

the story short . Photos up !

Ermm , she was tipsy and high dy . Hahahha

 Got a sweet kiss from my babe . Hmm , JJ don't jealous ya . XD

 She love this pic with half of my face ! See , I post it up for you ! Nahhhh .

So, what's your Christmas plan ? I think I might just stay at home . SAD CASE =(

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Day

First , I wanna thank you NUFFNANG for the invitation to Asia Pacific Blog Awards at Putrajaya Marriot!

Really appreciate that. So sad that I couldn't make it =(  I wanna meet XiaXue !! Between ,Congratulations

to XiaXue because she won 2 awards which are Most Influential Blog and Region's Blog ♥   

Hope that I can get the invitation for the next time , please ! 

Woke up in the early morning on Monday just to accompany my cousin to the college for her final exam.  

Since I stay over here , I got no choice. I asked her what am I suppose to do cause I can't enter her college 

 too . You know what answer she gave me ?  She said she will just dumped me in the mall which nearby her 

college . Her exam started at 9am ?! Such a cold-blooded cousin , but I still love you . Haha . Totally no 

idea what am I supposed to do in the mall. 

After breakfast , I saw 2 horses which nearby her college . Curious about that so I asked her drove me 

there so that I can took the photo of the horses. Yes , I'm bored ! I got nothing to do so I took the photo . LOL . 

  Close view of the horse =s

While waiting for her , I went to Big Apple to get myself a cup of cappucino . It had been so long I didn't 

drink cappucino . Hmm , actually just one week after I back to my hometown . You can't blame me cause 

I'm a coffee lover =D  

To my dearest friend , I know you all concern me that's why always advice me not to drink coffee anymore. 

Haha . But..... coffee is good for female with the right amount you take =) I'm not bull shitting okay?I found 

it on newspaper . *evil smile * I got prove  Honey pleaseeee , when I take coffee during the time we hang 

out don't shout at me ya . Hahah 

Honestly , I feel good after I drink coffee in the early morning. I always dream that I will own a coffee shop 

in the future . *erhem*  Okay , stop about coffee ! 

Met this cutie and I miss her so much . Sorry , a bit blur =$

Gonna blog about Movida & Battleground soon  ♥ 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Time passed so fast ! I'm gonna finish my SEM 2 very soon !

SEM 2 .

  Not much classes but lot of assignment , presentation and exam . I did not manage to finish my

exam in time 

last week and I'm so disappointed =(  Somethings happened in the early morning before I took

my exam. 

But what had done is done . I had to admit that I screw it by myself . No blaming to anyone.Better

put  more effort on other subject before it's too late 

DEC Ismellchristmas !

  What I love on DECEMBER is only CHRISTMAS Hmm , how was your Christmas last year ? 

Do you have fun ? Hmm , last year ..... I just went to my friend's house and we had steamboat together . 

That's all . Simple yet fun !  They're crazy ! Love and Miss them . Too bad some of them having exam  during Christmas . 

Miss Mei , Mr . Darick , Mr. Jason Mok , Miss Ong , Miss Yumi , Mr.Kok ! 

Snap some pictures of the Christmas Decoration in TIMES SQUARE AND PAVILLION  .

I love this cause that boy is CUTE =3

Times square's decoration are more on traditional plus there are not enough space compare to Pavillion ! 

Starbucks play Christmas Song non stop and I love it when I do my revision at there .  Looking forward for   


Went to SAMPLING to spend my voucher at last week . Suddenly felt that our college so good . 

You can use your voucher to get free meal . VOUCHER ~ sounds good ..

 Like usual .... BREAD & BUTTER     

 Appetizer- Egg Custard

I still want this salad . Nice  

(Main Course )Seafood . Forgot the name already . NICE 

Dessert - Chocolate Banana  * I spoiled it dy . Haha*
 All this dishes are cooked by our student . They are so pro ya . Haha
  Woke up in the early morning today and went to college . It's because I'm gonna celebrate

THANKSGIVING with my CF's member . Remember thx GOD for what he's done in your life and

appreciate it . Really have fun with them and I love the [ Guess what's on your forehead ] game .

We are given 2 pieces of card and write down your favourite cartoon character . Of course

LILO & STICH is in my list . HAHAHA . Then we swap the card with each other. Each person can

only ask 20 question about whatcartoon they get and try to guess by themselves . Besides , I

got a free ticket to PITBULL's concert !

BUT !!!!!!  I CAN'T MAKE IT !!! WASTED  ..

I miss home ='(