Saturday, December 22, 2012


I'm so so lazy just to update my blog. First , there's no internet access in my hostel , second , my shift is always until 12am. I'm enjoy thou. Especially Christmas is coming in two more days. I believe every outlet will be very busy and I'm glad that I have this chance to experience it. I just love food & beverage department. Guess that it's the most happening department ever in the hotel. This is where I have a chance to communicate with the guest . Most of them are friendly and kind. I still remember there's one night while I'm serving this family , their daughter which her age is around 4-5 years old came and hug me before they left the restaurant. How sweet is it. She just made my day. 

This is the previous restaurant I'm working in the hotel. I'm now been transfer to another outlet . 

Recently , I had participate in #ChristmasInABag# which organize by my church. The purpose is to provide school supplies to the kids which they are from poor family. I'm really glad that I'm part of it. When I saw all the smilling face of the kids, everything is worth it. I believe this gonna be the best Christmas ever for them and more to come. Pray that God bless their life =) I'm really happy . Too bad I'm in Langkawi and couldn't visit them =( 

I miss my friends badly =S Couldn't join them for gathering !