Sunday, January 29, 2012


2012 - Also Consider As DRAGON YEAR .

Thx God I had 1week holiday for Chinese New Year, if not I'm gonna cry my lungs out  * kidding *

Went back to my hometown to meet my beloved friends , family and relatives. The day before Chinese New 

Year , my mum prepare steamboat as our reunion dinner . It's yummy and I enjoyed it so much . There's 

nowhere like H.O.M.E . Comfortable and Relax .

Deng Deng Deng - CHOR YI 

Actually I'm quit surprised that most of my friend didn't go anywhere on this Chinese New Year. So we plan 

to hang out on the first day of Chinese New Year. # supposed to stay at home with my family # Okay, fine. 

Not only me. I'm going out with 20 people . Haha . So we hang out from the morning until midnight. I love 

spending time with my friends. We always did something stupid in public , laugh like nobody business , talk 

with each other like a family, tease each other like brothers and sisters. ♥ 

No matter where we go , we're still as noisy as last time #factthatneverchange#

Between , I saw this when I first reached home . Dad bought it .

* Chor Er 

Nothing special cause I'm sick . Didn't get to drink mineral water cause I keep drinking those sweet drinks 

for the whole day . Migraine attacked me =(  I took medicine and lie on the bed for the whole day. Felt 


* Chor San 

Woke up then continue to hang out with them. After we got back from Sir Lam's house then went to Wai 

Ting's house. At first we just gonna stay there for awhile but ended up we stayed at there until 6pm. What 

we did ? We watched movie and eat together. Haha . In my hometown ,there's a small stall that they sell 

best pisang goreng ever. Every time we back to our hometown , definitely go to that stall. Since we're 

craving for so long , we bought RM7 keropok , RM2 pisang goreng , cempedak , fishballs and 6 cup of 

ABC. Yummy. Chinese New Year is the fastest way to GAIN WEIGHT ! 

Spend my Chor Si and Chor Wu at Thailand . 

This time was different cause my aunt's family joined us =) When I reached there , accompany mum to set 

up her hair. After that mum ordered food from the Hotel for our dinner . I ate a lot that night . The food were 

so nice. Around 9pm , we walked to the street that nearby our hotel which sell a lot of food . Yes , we're 

still hungry. So that night I ATE NON STOP . Felt like I did gain some weight . Dad said to me once a year 

, so eat as much as you like . Hahah .

In the morning before we left . me and my brother went to 7-11 and did a small shopping. If you visit to 

Thailand before then you'll know why I love 7-11 so much .I bet you like it too . 

Lastly , I'm gonna thx my mum so much cause she bought this new purse for me . Awww , I'm so so happy. 

I wanna go to Avril Lavigne's concert badly . I plan to used my angpao to buy the ticket but I 

don't think it's worth. Here I promise to myself , if I win the ticket from itune , then I'll go . If no , 

then I'll just stay at home !!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


3rd Semester !

What's fun about that ? Finally I got BAR & BEVERAGE Classes !!! My roommate ask me should us join 

for MONIN CUP ? Hmmm , I'm still thinking about it cause I have not much knowledge about cocktail and 

mocktail =) So , we'll see how kay ? 

Monday was the first class for B&B . So sad that we didn't get to do any cocktail and mocktail because the 

ingredient are not enough. Never mind , we get to do it on next class . Woohoo , excited ! It's gonna be fun. 

Definitely gonna show you our Oenology Lab ♥  Lotsaaa liquor , wines .....

 This is to aware you split out the drinks  

No idea with this girl . Hahahah

During the class , we also talked about coffee. What happen is the lecturer did introduce me a coffee shop 

which they sell a cup of coffee with RM180 ! I'm not kidding . When I heard about that I was like OMG 

OMG I FOUND IT ! I FOUND IT ! *slap me* Hahaha 

Last Friday we just discussed about this and thinking where can we find this place ? Thx God ! I get the

information from my lecturer ! THANK YOUUUUUU SO MUCHHH !

After that , I went to the coffee shop after class with Vanessa and Laura . We couldn't find the shop . It was 

located the end of the mall and very private . Only coffee lover know that place . 

Fall in love to that place when I first stepped in !  Wonder about the price of coffee ? It's affordable ! For

coffee lover , you will find that it's worth to spend that much for just a cup of coffee . The price around 

RM10 above . You Must Must Must  try their Mango Cake . AWESOME !! I'm not really like to eat cake 

because I don't like the cream. But I give a try for the MANGO CAKE and I love it . It's damn good . Oh 

yeah , the name of the coffee shop is TYPICA CAFE . You can google search it . And I had promise 

SAYAKA that I will bring her to the coffee shop when she visit to KL !

We do enjoy the coffee 

Lastly , enjoy this video by Ryan .. Laugh non stop =D 2012 IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

NYE !!

Finally it's 2012 and everyone is talking about  new year resolution . My new year resolution ?? I wish that I 

got sponsor by somebody for a trip to Italy !  90% won't happen . LOL . Italy is such a beautiful country 

which they have macho guy , beautiful scene , tasty food and I love their language. Don't you feel that it's 

beautiful ? I fall in love to ITALY since I started to read [ EAT , PRAY , LOVE ] this novel . She travel to 

3 countries after her divorce which were ITALY , INDIA and INDONESIA . The different culture in these 

3 countries make her growth and have faith in her love after a bad divorce with her husband . Okay , let's 

stop that and talk about NYE . If you wanna know more about the story you can get it from popular if 

they're still selling =) 

I felt so happy cause I spent my NYE with a bunch of lovely friends and him Book a room from Dorsett 

Hotel which just located behind Pavilion. We had also book a room from CEO for sing k session . You 

know that what's the best things in CEO ? They allowed us to use student card during NYE !!!! I was stunt 

at first and we got 50% discount ! Cool right . We sang from 1pm to 7pm on that day . I'm gonna say that 

the food over there were much more better compare to Neway ! The place was nice so do the room . I 

swear that I'll definitely back to CEO again !! 

Back to hotel to change our outfit then headed to Pavilion for the countdown party . Seriously , it was so

crowded . Actually we gonna meet Yumi first but then she went to Sg,Wang for the concert . SAD CASE.

Never mind , we do enjoyed on that night . Spent time with my craziest friend is the best ! Wonder about

drinking session ? Hahaha . We do drink in the hotel and one of my friend drunk . I hate taking care of

drunk people because you have no idea what they gonna do next . We slept around 4am that night because

this drunker keep playing the music while we try to sleep so badly . How was your NYE ?

New Year ! Better Life