Wednesday, January 11, 2012


3rd Semester !

What's fun about that ? Finally I got BAR & BEVERAGE Classes !!! My roommate ask me should us join 

for MONIN CUP ? Hmmm , I'm still thinking about it cause I have not much knowledge about cocktail and 

mocktail =) So , we'll see how kay ? 

Monday was the first class for B&B . So sad that we didn't get to do any cocktail and mocktail because the 

ingredient are not enough. Never mind , we get to do it on next class . Woohoo , excited ! It's gonna be fun. 

Definitely gonna show you our Oenology Lab ♥  Lotsaaa liquor , wines .....

 This is to aware you split out the drinks  

No idea with this girl . Hahahah

During the class , we also talked about coffee. What happen is the lecturer did introduce me a coffee shop 

which they sell a cup of coffee with RM180 ! I'm not kidding . When I heard about that I was like OMG 

OMG I FOUND IT ! I FOUND IT ! *slap me* Hahaha 

Last Friday we just discussed about this and thinking where can we find this place ? Thx God ! I get the

information from my lecturer ! THANK YOUUUUUU SO MUCHHH !

After that , I went to the coffee shop after class with Vanessa and Laura . We couldn't find the shop . It was 

located the end of the mall and very private . Only coffee lover know that place . 

Fall in love to that place when I first stepped in !  Wonder about the price of coffee ? It's affordable ! For

coffee lover , you will find that it's worth to spend that much for just a cup of coffee . The price around 

RM10 above . You Must Must Must  try their Mango Cake . AWESOME !! I'm not really like to eat cake 

because I don't like the cream. But I give a try for the MANGO CAKE and I love it . It's damn good . Oh 

yeah , the name of the coffee shop is TYPICA CAFE . You can google search it . And I had promise 

SAYAKA that I will bring her to the coffee shop when she visit to KL !

We do enjoy the coffee 

Lastly , enjoy this video by Ryan .. Laugh non stop =D 2012 IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD 

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