Monday, September 17, 2012

Showdown Street Fest 2012

This is crazy !!! SHOWDOWN STREET FEST 2012 WAS A BOOM !! 

A lot of things happened on Saturday and I thank God for everything. The journey was smooth and all of us get to enjoy and learnt a lot from the street fest . We departed at 10am , what's cool was we don't have to waste time to wait for the lrt . Once we reached the lrt station , the lrt was already there. Express . Haha . We also got free shuttle bus direct to 1U . At first I thought we gonna wait for more than half an hour for the bus to 1U because we don't have the 1U card . But the bus driver was so nice , he agreed to gave us a drive to 1U. Hey , it's 7 of us and he might get scolded by other passenger . HE'S SO KIND RIGHT ?! Appreciate .

The event started at 3pm till late night . We signed up for BOOJAE'S HIPHOP WORKSHOP  at 3pm . It's free thou. Before the workshop started , we received goodies bag from 8TV =) Oh yeah , if you guys watch THE BEST IN THE WORLD , you will definitely know about this BURGER KAW KAW ! Now I found myself guilty because we forced one of our friend to take part in the competition by finishing the burger in 5 mins . The things was we just had our lunch and Cendol from Uncle James which all the way from Sitiawan. At last he didn't managed to finish it but still won RM50 . 8TV also did organized a charity project which you just had to donate RM1 for the House of Joy and you will received one brick and paint on it. 


We were there cheering for him !!

Okay , I admit that I'm not good in drawing . LOL

While waiting for the dance workshop , there were k-pop dance competition . All the dancer really put a lot of effort in their custom and dance . By the way , BOOJAE'S WORKSHOP WAS GREAT ! He reminded me that the foundation of dance is important . Build your foundation first so that you get to dance better. He told us that before you wanna have your style , you gotta dance first . Learn to dance first so that you can go to whatever style you prefer. That's all about DANCE STYLE - DANCE FIRST THEN STYLE . Such an impressive quote from him . This was the first time I met him in real person and get to see him dance. 
All of us received free SHARE TEA AND MEMBER CARD after the workshop. 

If you wanna view more photo , you can go to 8TVShowdown and like their page and view it from here - Showdown STREET FEST 2012  

Photo Credit - 8TV & Teresa