Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crapping ?!

3 more days to go then I'm gonna make a wise decision to make sure I won't regret about it . Yeah , it was like Finally . I've waited so long , and FINALLY it just left 3 days then I'm gonna relieve .Pheww 

So , don't ask what course I wanna take ? where I'm going to study ? Cause it all based on my result . Before that I still need to discuss with my dad . 

May  God  Bless  All  Of  You   

My fav team - Manchester United gonna versus Chelsea at Semi Final ? ! Are you sure about that ? Oh , gonna be a tough match ya . Screw you Chelsea . I'm just a newbie in football =) I just knew that football can be that fun . Wow , especially watching at outside through the big big screen with lots of people . Kinda love that . The atmosphere were nice ! 

I've no idea what happen to me ! Since when my appetite became so good ? Good news or bad news for me ?! I get hungry easily in this few days . Ok , it was like after I had my breakfast not more than 1 hour , I start to feel hungry . Even I hang out with my friends for yamcha session , pretty sure I'll order some food to eat . FYI , normally I'll just order drinks , no food . But this time , I don't know why . Just forget it .

* Stay tuned for my next post ya !
Gonna blog a lots of things that I delayed it for 2 months ? or 1 month ?
Anyway , just wait cause have lots pf pitcha need upload =)
crapping post .hahaha

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan .


I wake up late this morning because of MU . Haha . Sorry guys , I did not mean to put aeroplane . I just knew that not only me can't wake that early .So glad to heard that . Teehee . Thx God , last night Manchester United did not disappoint me . =) They win the match with 2-0 . Lets see MU meet who in final . I'm so excite with it . 

 Ok , I should stop that . I think everyone knew that what happen in Japan . They get hits by 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami .Shock when I saw it in the news . How come it happen so sudden ? No idea . So , what we can do is pray hard for them , pray that the total number of death won't increase anymore . Amen .  

Sad to saw this happened in Japan . Some stupid still take this time create some rumours about world gonna end soon and make everybody scared about it . Can't you just shut up ? !   You have the time to create the rumours , why don't take the time to solve the problem ? Hey , not just you live in this world ya . No offence . Just angry with those idiots .

Appreciate before its too late   
Love   L.I.F.E

Sunday, March 6, 2011

♥ BKK !

Taa-daa . I'm gonna talk about my Bangkok Trip . Not much story because I had upload lots of photo in fb.Just wanna mention somethings special here .Bangkok was so HOT HOT HOT ! 

I forget to bring my sunblock to Bangkok . So careless. For sure I became darker than before . It's all your fault, MR.SUN . Ok,no more blaming ! 

We did not take a flight due to some reason , so train was the only choice for us =) I spent 21 hours in the train . Hmm , still ok for me because the time pass very fast . My friends keep asked me , Hey , how come you can spent 21 hours in the train ? OMG ... and bla bla bla ..==

Hey hey , the train was more comfortable than Malaysia's train , ok ? It's clean and you will had lots of fun in the train .Trust me . Haha .

Wake up in the morning , I love the sunlight much . It's very cold in the train !

 While waiting the train

Reach Bangkok about 12pm I think . The traffic was so jam , because it is weekend =) You can have lots of fun during weekend . There are lots of activity during weekend . After we reach the apartment ,pack our luggage then waiting my cousin come to fetch us to FLOATING MARKET ! 

I'm so damn regret that did not get myself a DSLR . FLOATING MARKET was so crowded and everyone were using their own DSLR to take photo .Seriously , you will saw that mostly everyone having a DSLR in their hand .Ish . I sat beside my mum and said : '' You see, everyone is using DSLR to take photo , when you wanna get one for me ? " My mum just act like nothings happened .

Crowded !

 I missed this sotong , it tasted very nice . One for RM16 if I'm not wrong . The sotong was so big and yummy .We order 4 but still not enough . Hahah ..

 Want some ? Hehe . OMG , I missed it lots ='(

The next day ,we must wore long pants to enter this WAT , means temple . They had a rule there , if you want to enter , make sure you are in long pants .It was crowded too . Pheww , the weather was so hot !
 Told you , banyak ANG MO kat situ . Hahah

 At night , my cousin brought us to this PUB .The PUB was so damn cool . Because it allowed small kids enter too . They have live band there . The atmosphere was good during weekend . Haha . I visited this PUB for two night with my cousin .Luckily I'm not drunk =P

 The stage was big

Taa-daa , my cousin's daughter follow too . The little naughty . I miss you Naughty
 Here come the 3 liter beer for us
 If you don't like beer , you can order some juice to drink . They serve lots of nice food too .

Having my dinner in the hotel

 I get two dinner coupon for my room .So, this is a set of dinner for me . Seriously , I can't finish all .Too much for me . The food not bad la .
 Dessert for me . It's too sweet for me .Oh , I cant stand with it .Of course I just left it like that . Haha
 Little naughty. Weee...

On the way to PLATINUM SHOPPING MALL , I meet this MR.BLUE BLUE .Mr.BLUE BLUE was dancing outside the mall . So cute .

 I missed this coffee too . In Bangkok , even the road side coffee , it also tasted good . Not like here .I'm addicted .I almost drink coffee everyday in Bangkok . It's just too nice for me =) It's true !
 Having SWESENS ice cream after shopping

* It's time to left Bangkok and back to my grandma's house . It took 1 and half hour from Bangkok to my Grandma's house .

I'm so lucky to meet MR.TIGER . Hehe .
 Mr.Tiger acting cute here . BLEK . Haha
 Lastly , the breakfast we order in the train =)
Bangkok was awesome ♥ 
Wish that I can visit to Pattaya on the next trip