Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crapping ?!

3 more days to go then I'm gonna make a wise decision to make sure I won't regret about it . Yeah , it was like Finally . I've waited so long , and FINALLY it just left 3 days then I'm gonna relieve .Pheww 

So , don't ask what course I wanna take ? where I'm going to study ? Cause it all based on my result . Before that I still need to discuss with my dad . 

May  God  Bless  All  Of  You   

My fav team - Manchester United gonna versus Chelsea at Semi Final ? ! Are you sure about that ? Oh , gonna be a tough match ya . Screw you Chelsea . I'm just a newbie in football =) I just knew that football can be that fun . Wow , especially watching at outside through the big big screen with lots of people . Kinda love that . The atmosphere were nice ! 

I've no idea what happen to me ! Since when my appetite became so good ? Good news or bad news for me ?! I get hungry easily in this few days . Ok , it was like after I had my breakfast not more than 1 hour , I start to feel hungry . Even I hang out with my friends for yamcha session , pretty sure I'll order some food to eat . FYI , normally I'll just order drinks , no food . But this time , I don't know why . Just forget it .

* Stay tuned for my next post ya !
Gonna blog a lots of things that I delayed it for 2 months ? or 1 month ?
Anyway , just wait cause have lots pf pitcha need upload =)
crapping post .hahaha

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