Monday, April 22, 2013

The Blue Heaven

After resting a few days at home , my cousin decided to bring us to the Blue Heaven = Underwater World in Thailand

Just in love with the things that hang on the tree . Just beautiful . 

Here we go - Sea Paradise 

Huge fish before we get into the sea paradise =) 

 Turtle say HI :)


 Me and My Bro just like live in the Avatar World . LOL

 Okay , I call this Leopard Print Fish . HAHA

See how close am I with it 

After that my cousin brought me to the market which already exist since 100 years ago. One of the food you must get over here is the HUGE FISHBALL . Giant Size Fishball .

We bought one back home 

Told ya I didn't did much shopping this year . First , it's too hot . The temperature over there up 40 degree Celsius. Crazy Right ? So I rather stayed at home .  Hope that next year able to go back again . 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back From Langkawi

Boo , I'm still here ! 

Finally ended my internship at Langkawi. I'm just wanna said that TIME FLIES !! Okay , what's good about Langkawi ? Hmm ,  Beach !! I would said that it's an island which you will feel that you're in another country. Because there are a lot of tourist travel there mostly from US , UK , GERMAN and etc. I would recommend you guys go there for holidays . It's quite relaxing over there =)

 Oh yeah , tobacco and liquor are duty free. That's why people always drinks and get drunk in Langkawi. Haha . And I'm so lucky that I'm able to attend LIMA 2013 . Honestly , it was my first time watching live airshow and the feeling was super awesome ! Aww , just miss that moment . Actually there are a few place I have not visit which I want to go badly. Never mind , save it for next time .

We also did organized farewell party before we headed back . They also did celebrate my birthday on that night. I received twice surprise on that day. Haha. Quite fun and unexpected . Really thank you for that. Although it's not a grand birthday celebration but at least they're all there with me. It was a crazy night =D

After I finished my internship then I went to Thailand for 1 week . Didn't get to do much shopping this time . All I did was just visit to the Underwater World and Zoo . I know it's lame but I enjoyed it . Had a good time with my bro over there . Will update it soon =) Gosh , I got a lot of outdated post to blog. Whatever , as long as I update my blog.

Next week gonna go back to college and finish my Diploma and reset the Dance Club. Everyone are asking what am I gonna do after I finish my Diploma ? I did have a plan for it. Just hope that everything goes well. For now , I have to finish my Diploma first. That's all . Everyone have their own path , make sure you choose the right path.

If you think this course is easy then you're wrong guys. People always said that Hospitality Management are the most easiest course to study, and they think those who study this course is because their result was poor. It's not as easy as you think . Not gonna do much explanation about that , come and experience by yourself then you will know. No offence *peace*