Monday, April 22, 2013

The Blue Heaven

After resting a few days at home , my cousin decided to bring us to the Blue Heaven = Underwater World in Thailand

Just in love with the things that hang on the tree . Just beautiful . 

Here we go - Sea Paradise 

Huge fish before we get into the sea paradise =) 

 Turtle say HI :)


 Me and My Bro just like live in the Avatar World . LOL

 Okay , I call this Leopard Print Fish . HAHA

See how close am I with it 

After that my cousin brought me to the market which already exist since 100 years ago. One of the food you must get over here is the HUGE FISHBALL . Giant Size Fishball .

We bought one back home 

Told ya I didn't did much shopping this year . First , it's too hot . The temperature over there up 40 degree Celsius. Crazy Right ? So I rather stayed at home .  Hope that next year able to go back again . 

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