Sunday, June 2, 2013

Penang !

  Honestly , this was my first time visit to Penang . What make this trip so special ? It's the people. It was actually our gathering trip with my high school friends. I didn't meet up with most of them for like 8 months since I started my internship and this is not good. =( I love how all of us hang around together and being just us . 17 of us taking flight together , this feeling is awesome !

After 45 minutes , we finally touched down Penang .


We're staying at RYOKAN , which is cheap and comfortable. I would recommend you all to stay here. I just love the design of RYOKAN .

After everyone settle down , we went to Gurney Drive for dinner =D 

Beer time after dinner . 

But I still managed to wake up early on the next day to have breakfast. It's hard to believe that we pay so less yet included breakfast for all of us. Oh yeah , wi-fi is 24 hours. So convenience right . 

Next destination - Street Art . I got no idea why Penang are so hot . Urgh , just hate the weather so much 

The weather is killing us and everyone get themselves a drink . I bet that aunty must be very happy. Haha

If you go to Penang , this is a must try Cendol .Omg , feel like having it right now. This was really good. Sad that I couldn't get any nice asam laksa in PENANG. I try out in different place in one day but it doesn't taste nice. Maybe I have high expectation on it since everybody said that the asam laksa in Penang is really good. 

Steamboat for dinner on the second night . First time ever having steamboat with so many people . It was fun. 

Went to Strait Quay after dinner . All girl chilling at The Library on that night . 

      Derrick - the photographer for the whole trip and not forget another photographer - Jmay 

 Everyone was tired on the last day . We had our brunch then straight went to Queensbay Mall because it's nearby airport. LOL

Bye , Penang ! And we gonna plan for our next trip . Hope that everyone can make it for the next trip =) 

Photo Credit 
♥ Derrick 
♥ Jia May
♥ Yumi 

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