Friday, June 7, 2013

Fat Boy's @ Publika

  My friends and I had decided to give a try on Fat Boy's for dinner since we had meeting until 7pm. Just a random suggestion and all of us agreed with it. Majority of us did not try before including me and I keep hearing people said that is a must try burger in Publika. 

  Meeting ended at 7pm and we drove all the way from Times Square to Publika . So , here we are ! 

So , this is how it's looks like inside the restaurant . Quite like their design 

What's special is that they do sell pork burger and you get a chance to build your own burger starting from choice of bun - patty - add-on and sauces . Pretty cool right . If you order the set of the burger it will comes with fries. Trust me , you better make sure your stomach is empty before you dine in here. The portion is big and the size of the fries just like wedges . Most of us couldn't finish it . 

I had ordered ---- Jamaican Me Hungry 
  #Jerk seasones bacon stuffed Pork patty topped with sundried tomatoes, chewy bacon, homemade coleslaw and smothered with mayonnaise on sesame bun #

Told ya the size of the fries just like wedges . 

Sad to say that the pork patty it's not as juicy as beef  . But they served nice bacon . Crispy bacon in between the burger. Yumm ,, mouth watering. Especially you dip it with chili sauce and mustard . Aww , taste great . Try to mix the mustard with chili sauce , you'll never regret . 

I'll be back again next time to try out their beef burger . By the way , I want to try out Burger Lab too =( 

Fat Boy's - cheap and big portion . Give it a try if you're in Publika 

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