Thursday, July 18, 2013

My choices of Korean Food

  Whenever I'm crave for Korean food , this shop will always be my choice ! 

The food is cheap and the place is comfortable.It's located at Ampang. Just right opposite Ampang Point. The owner is a korean so do the rest of the staff over there. Before I came to KL, I got no interest on Korean food because for me it's only grill , grill and grill and the food seems taste plain . But it's TOTALLY WRONG until I taste it by myself. Thanks that my college friends bring me to this shop and I start to fall in love with it. Especially Kimchi Jiggae   

Of course not to forget about the side dish . You can refill it if you want more. Nice right ? After that they also serve dessert for us. No worries , dessert is complimentary if you had bbq . Tell me how not to love it ?

Kimchi Jiggae (kimchi soup)

 Of course, you can try soju and makgeolli when you're having bbq. Best combination ever. I don't really like soju until my friend give me a try on the cold soju. It's super different with the soju without chilled. It taste super good. Makgeolli mix with yakult or ribena taste good too. Hehe .. One of my korean friend taught me when we're having our drinking session at the shop. 

Next , kimchijeon (kimchi pancake) is a must when you're having drinking session. By the way , kimchi fried rice is nice . Although it's a simple dish but it's really good. So far I haven't try out this at another outlet . I always had my kimchi fried rice at the korean shop which located in times square. It's the only one outlet and I bet you guys know it. 

Didn't get to take those photo so I just get it from web . 

Kimchijeon (kimchi pancake)

 Kimchi fried rice

Another one is Korean Glass Noodles - Japchae/Chapchae
I'm not really a big fans of it but my friend always order this whenever we visit to the shop. I'm okay with it just not really like it. 

I still never try Bibimpap. Because there's a lot carrot inside. I don't like carrot =( Bibimpap is a dish where you mix different type of vegetables and egg with the rice. 

I should have try out the food at different outlet . Sigh . 

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