Monday, July 22, 2013

Dance ♥

I hardly call myself as a dancer because I know that I still got more to learn . 
Just want to say thank you so much for my dance club member as they give me a lot of support. That's the reason why until now I never give up on it. Every time I teach them , I learnt a lot from them too. It's true on what they say that you will learn more when you're teaching people. 

When I first entered college , it's quite sad that my college do not have a dance club because I used to attend dance classes before this in my hometown. After a year of trying , finally get approval from college to form a dance club. I guess maybe there are a lot of event going on in my college so they need performer for almost each of the event. Since I started up dance club , there are a lot member joined us. But what disappointed me are most of them did not commit in it. It makes me think twice is it a wrong thing to start up this? I was thinking on how to make things even better ? I don't want it to become like this. Honestly , I get frustrated and angry all the time when this happen. I rather have 20 members who did commit for the club than 100 members that only join for fun. It's really tough for me as in every new semester , there will be some new members join us. I always expect the good things from them . I faced a lot of problem too , like rental of studio , last minute request for performance and etc. By the way , most of them do not have any base,that means they never dance before. It gives me a hard time . I can't just reject them when they want to perform. At least they have the heart that they want to do something for the club . 

As I'm teaching , I learnt a lot from them too. I cannot go too far as they couldn't catch up. It test my patience level. Haha . It's a good thing thou. I always want to know each of them more and treat each others like a family. Until now , I see they are improving . No matter in dance or the way they treat each other. =) Sometimes I might be quite strict during teaching time and I know you guys did not like it. Haha . Thank you so much for the enduring. I really love the time we spend with each other during the practice time. 

One of the performance that I'm involved in . Haha

Thank you for this two helping out a lot . Love both of you =

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Jie En 

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