Sunday, October 14, 2012



   While I'm watching the show - BEST IN THE WORLD , my friend keep bagging me to accompany her to diving centre just to get her license and she's really annoying. LOL . I guessed you got to thank you the show or else I won't go with you . XD  They're introducing LOKL COFFEE and it's really attracting. So I make up my mind very fast . I accompany her but she got to go to the coffee shop with me. Yeah , the deal on . *evil me*

      LOKL COFFEE located at Masjid Jamek . Easy , when you reach lrt station , walk down and turn left , pass through 2 street if I'm not wrong then turn left you will find it. Hmm , I suggest you better google first before you wanna go. I'm lucky because my friend is a good gps. I will never get lost when she's around. Okay , thank you so much . Haha .

I just love their design . Although the restaurant is not that big but it's comfy . They even have smoking area for you to dine in . 

Like usual , they will serve you with one big bottle of plain water with lemon . Plan B and Bens did that too and don't ask me why . They introduce this Hainanese Meat Loaf through the show so I decided to give it a try. If you like crispy food , you will love this. Although the portion is not as big as I expected but it's really full enough. No need to worry you will get hungry after that. You can try on their set lunch too. Mostly the food they provided are sandwiches. Doesn't like those usual coffee shop that do provide Asian meal like rice, noodles all kind of these. 

Give it a try to their dessert too . For your information , they're using IILY COFFEE =)  How good it is. Try on their COFFEE BON BON - DOUBLE ESPRESSO. Trust me , you will definitely want for the second cup. Aww, I miss their it now when looking to the pic now. Ish . At first I wanna go for my usual drink which is Latte but then I try on their Coffee Bon Bon . Since I'm already there, why don't try on their signature drink since I'm not gonna visit this place often times right ? 

 Nahh , the one that made me made up this kind of stupid deal . 

 More picture to show you their design there.

 I love the owl =) 

They even have delivery service too . How great it is right . 

Really love this place a lot . Hope to visit again next time when I'm free 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


    It's october babe ! One more month left before my internship . Due to the short sem I'm having right now , everything have to be done fast . Assignment , mid term and all those paper works =(  Yet I still have time for travelling , shopping and performance . Haha . Shouldn't complaint so much cause I'm doing the stuff that I love .

  So , what's the hot topic in the city ? THE OPENING OF H&M ! I know right there's a lot of people que up the day before opening just to get the free voucher . *eyes blink*  I went there after the few days of opening because I don't want to que up for so long and squeeze with each other inside the mall. H&M located at LOT 10 and it's huge . Didn't get much stuff for myself because I'm lazy to que up just for trying the clothes. It took me half an hour just waiting at there .

If you noticed , I will post up the photo of bread & tarts on every Monday because I'm having my pastry class on that day. Every time we bake different item and sell it to the student .

  Only one class for tomorrow after that having dance practice. Just make a deal with my room mate . I accompany her to diving centre then she have to go for lunch with me. We're going LOKL COFFEE ♥ 
For a coffee lover like me , never get tired of trying coffee at different restaurant !

*sneak peak*