Monday, February 20, 2012

Awesome DJ in the House !!

 Finally JJ & Ean came to our college after we spam on their fb and twitter. Just realized most of our college student love them . Seriously , unexpected until I saw the post in fb . I went out for lunch with my friends until I asked Vanessa to check out twitter since she's using data plan . We're 39mins late and I really thought that this time we couldn't meet them already. When we reached college , my friend told me that they already left. #SADCASE

Lucky Laura remind us to check out on the 14th floor because it's a part of our college too. Actually we did saw hitz's cruises in the lift and he's going to 14th floor. I should follow him to 14th floor. #Regret
Thx God we met them on the 14th floor. I'm so so so happy . I don't care about the passes to the birthday invasion. I just wanna met them and take photo with them . That's all . Ps : JJ quite tall =D  They wearing mask and holding gun attacked to our college ! They're really friendly and AWESOME !! Love you guys so much . Between thank you HITZFM !!! Looking forward to this Saturday .

Between , NUFFNANG is turning 5 .WOW ! 

I'm not sure that should I attend or not . First , no transport ! Second , no friends that could accompany me .
Haix . I should persuade my friends join NUFFNANG so that we can hang out together on the special event. Didn't realized time passed so fast . Congratulations to Nuffnang . They're doing super great !!! They organized a lot of event and give out various of passes for Nuffnanger . Love them so much .


Enjoy this cover ! It's really nice 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fly Back !!!


  Went to Rasa Utara for breakfast with my lovely friends before depart to airport . I never thought that I could survived with just 2 hours sleep . I'm AWESOME ! Hahah

  Slept at 5am last night and I thought I'll be sleepy for class but didn't . It's miracle for me. I packed my luggage in the morning . See , I'm always like that. Bad Habit .

  Waiting for the flight alone here in LCCT . Lucky that I met a nice guy on the bus on the way to LCCT. We talked a lot . If not it's gonna be a boring just like I'm sitting here alone waiting for the flight .

  Between , I'm really thinking should I go to Avril Lavigne's concert . Damn , I wanna go so badly. But I felt bad cause spend too much for flight ticket . *if didn't missed flight =(*  I wanna go !!!! Someone sponsor me please. Lol !

Just a short update with my phone .

Have a nice holidays peep ! Fl

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Thursday, February 2, 2012


看过了张小娴的书, 突然领悟了好多. 在这之前呢,我得谢谢我的朋友.因为她拼命地介绍我这本书, 还说我一定会对它爱不释手. 果真,才读了前面一小部分便爱上了.

我曾经是多么的自私 . 他说得对, 我只在乎自己多过他.所以,我早说了我不会是个很好的女友.我很少对他说出那三个字因为我认为没必要.但,他却不这么认为. 所以我们始终都保持着平行线,谁都不跨过谁的界线.

我可以很残忍 , 他知道. 就想张小娴所写的-残忍的人是最清醒的. 偏偏我们就一直互相伤害对方.这就是为什么我不肯答应他.既然知道结局了何必让自己栽进去呢?曾经有那么一个人问我到底喜欢他什么? 我沉默了. 为什么总是要问这个呢? 我不会答 . 喜欢上了需要理由吗?

你可以时时刻刻关怀她,但请不要忘了 , 不喜欢就放手. 女人一旦陷进去 就会让你措手不及.我喜欢她与橘子所写的书. 看完后, 感触很多. 时而也想到自己也曾经这样过.

曾经那么地颓废 , 时而崩溃痛哭 , 时而恨之入骨 , 时而好想好想他 - 矛盾 . 女人都是这样.

当封闭已久的心突然像挚爱的男人打开,却受到了伤害 .怎么不抓狂呢?   说了多少遍不想原谅却在听见那怀念已久的声音突然动心了. 往往都会有一个原因让她回头.

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