Monday, February 20, 2012

Awesome DJ in the House !!

 Finally JJ & Ean came to our college after we spam on their fb and twitter. Just realized most of our college student love them . Seriously , unexpected until I saw the post in fb . I went out for lunch with my friends until I asked Vanessa to check out twitter since she's using data plan . We're 39mins late and I really thought that this time we couldn't meet them already. When we reached college , my friend told me that they already left. #SADCASE

Lucky Laura remind us to check out on the 14th floor because it's a part of our college too. Actually we did saw hitz's cruises in the lift and he's going to 14th floor. I should follow him to 14th floor. #Regret
Thx God we met them on the 14th floor. I'm so so so happy . I don't care about the passes to the birthday invasion. I just wanna met them and take photo with them . That's all . Ps : JJ quite tall =D  They wearing mask and holding gun attacked to our college ! They're really friendly and AWESOME !! Love you guys so much . Between thank you HITZFM !!! Looking forward to this Saturday .

Between , NUFFNANG is turning 5 .WOW ! 

I'm not sure that should I attend or not . First , no transport ! Second , no friends that could accompany me .
Haix . I should persuade my friends join NUFFNANG so that we can hang out together on the special event. Didn't realized time passed so fast . Congratulations to Nuffnang . They're doing super great !!! They organized a lot of event and give out various of passes for Nuffnanger . Love them so much .


Enjoy this cover ! It's really nice 

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