Thursday, March 1, 2012


1st of March 

February really been a good month for me. I got test and quiz every week , assignment and presentation all come in one shot. This is because some of the lecturer do not have scheme of work so forced to dragged everything to last minute. 

February, such a busy yet exciting month for me . Why ? Because : 

1) I met JJ & Ean 
2) I bought a pair of NIKE sneaker 
3) I got a new watch and shoes from Vincci 
4) I met Chuck Hughes  ( CHUCK'S DAY OFF) 
5) I'm gonna attend on Coffee Conference on next Tuesday ! 

Awesome right ? I know XD 

Next , Big Bang finally released their 5th mini album ! *scream* I had their 4th mini album from my friend as my birthday present . Thank you so much . So now , I want to get the 5th mini album of BIG BANG ! I'll suggest you to listen on BLUE & BAD BOY . It's so nice . I can't take my eyes off TOP !!! OMG , He's so cool !!! How can TOP's voice sound so man ? It melts me . Hahaha

I did change my layout if you noticed . Back to simple and I realize actually not bad .

March ! You better be good to me 

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