Sunday, March 4, 2012


I think I have mid term for all the subject on every week . Just passed my management mid term , coming up - bar & law . March gonna be good. Although gonna be tired but I kinda love my life now. It's time to grow up girl ! 
  Just found out Law's presentation can be so fun =) 
We prepared it at last minute and came out with a funny scenario. Thank you to a bunch of my friend which willing to ACT until so cool for the presentation. Seriously I can't wait for the next role play. Went to Nandos after law presentation and chit chat with my friends . Finally there are no more extra class on Saturday. Woo-hoo *scream&clap* 

Production will postponed to July . Thx God I can back to my hometown during the break . Phew. I want a lot of nice food when I get back to my hometown . Yummy ~ 

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