Monday, May 30, 2011

Blur @@

I'm so so super duper careless . I have no idea how come I locked myself in the house . Omg ! I left my key on the table and I locked my room . After I went out to the living room I just realized I left my key inside the room . WHAT ?! I have class at 2.30pm and I had no key to open the door .Conclusion , I missed the class . Lucky I just had one class for today . 

My friends were so cute ya . They knew I was stuck in the house so made a call to me before the class start .Haha . Thx for your concern k . I know you all miss me XD  Nah , they still tease me . I can listen lots of laughter ya ! Don't know how to face you all tomorrow ! Promise to myself , no more NEXT TIME . Never ever ! 

Skip that , talk about my study ? ! So far so good =)
Sometime its kinda bored in the lecture hall . So , camwhore is the best thing to let the time pass faster . Haha
Girls used to be like that k , no blaming =) SS TIME .

Vanessa with me during the Computer Class

I tell you , no one like this class because it was super duper boring . Everytime in the class I am trying so hard not to let myself fall asleep .FYI , the lecturer love to pick those student who did not pay attention or sleep in his class and ask them question . I don't want become one of the victim . During 10 mins break times , I definitely get myself a cup of coffee =)

Now , I am suffer with my assignment . No idea how to start , what to write . Left one more week for my Windows assignment , 2 more weeks for F&B assignment . Presentation for Managing Services =P  

SS time ! Sorry for the bad quality . Haha . Blame Vanessa

After class , we went to Pavilion , Dragon-i for our assignment . Yea , you're not wrong ! FOR ASSIGNMENT ! For the F&B assignment , we need to go 1 fast food restaurant , family restaurant and hotel . We need to spend our money there =( I'm broke . We need to write down the grooming of the waiters , the food and lots of thing . Haix , GUYS , I'm still searching which hotel should we go . 

Why I am so happy ? No idea . Haha .
 Wai ting , Vanessa , Me and Laura 

I need to rush back to college to pratice dance after lunch . Performance soon for the Japan Charity =) Hope that u guys can donate more to help JAPAN .

I'm still curious why you keep asking me those questions . 
Yea , I'm still think about it after we met on that day . Stupid right ? You don't even care  
I'm the only person care . Whatever . I try to figure out by myself but failed .
Nah , you're not into me I know =) Cheer cheer . Hehe 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


还是回到我的标题吧 =)

暧昧 , 总是让人搞不明白
我想,很多女生甚至包括男生都会面对这样的困扰吧。习以为常 !

你和她/他 认识对方后,自然而然每天都会见面及互传简讯 。当他/她想进一步发展,你却退缩了。这时候你才发现,原来你只说过 [我想你] 却不是 [我爱你] 。 你认为你们还没到那个地步所以你选择退缩了。可是你却习惯了他/她的陪伴 。想把他/她留在身旁却不愿发展你们的恋情。矛盾 !那么你们算什么 ?是朋友? 好朋友?恋人?还是只想要一个了解你的朋友? 

 对,只是单纯的朋友。可以手牵手,拥抱 ,靠在你肩膀上哭泣,没有感情。
心 ,在这一瞬间也被伤透了 。

我不知道你们是怎样对待感情。我只想说,我没你们想象中这么好。我承认,在感情里我会变得好顽固,闹脾气 ,想太多 。我真的很夸张 !因为一遇到感情的事,我就会想得好远,使自己对感情彻底绝望。后果,大概可以联想到了吧。

某些人可以把感情不当作一回事 。
我想问,难道不累吗 ?
有了一段稳定的恋情是最好不过 。为什么要让自己在原地里兜圈呢?
为什么不让自己停在喜欢的地方然后休息呢 ?
我有太多疑问 。
我也见识了[快递者] ! 不许多了解对方,就展开恋情了 。对我来说 ,好难哦 !

偶尔看见恋人,心里难免有种滋味 。
瞬间回忆就被倒带。哈哈 。
干嘛要为这些事伤心呢 ?拜托,我会控制情绪 。虽然没那么好,至少我有在改 。

我想今晚我是疯了 ,干嘛这么EMO ?!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


 What I did ? *evil smile * 

Since when I have the gut to did this ? I'm so curious you know ? Haha . LET ME TELL YOU THE STORY

Erhem ... 
Our college have GLEE CLUB  . But if you want to become one of the member , you must go for an audition.
Yeah , I did it ! SOLO man !!!!! I was super duper NERVOUS ....Grrrrrr ...

Friday was the last day for audition . I made the decision in the last minute . I had class on Friday from 9am to 12.30am . 
Audition start from 1pm to 2pm . So rush . I did not have enough time to pratice the song . At first , I decided to sing with one of my friend , Jewel . Too bad our voice not match at all .=(
She keep persuaded me to sing solo . I was damn nervous and tell her that I can't make this by myself .Hahah . Seriously !!!!!!!!!

Yea , I did it at last . She sang GRENADE , I sang TEENAGE DREAM . We're so special . Both of us sang without guitar . Cool right ? Haha . 
When I stepped into the audition room , I start shaking . XD It was so scary for me . 
Overall is ok , said by the judges . But I felt that it suck ! Arghhh , whatever ! I enjoyed it .

After class the start pratice with them =)

Jewel , me and Joshua

 Wai Ting , Me , Jewel

 Pratice outside the Lecturer Theater !

 They really like to disturb when I'm focus on singing . Haha .
 We did not use the guitar because it seem likes does not match with our voice . So , no guitar ! =D

After Audition ,chill with them in Starbucks . We were so crazy .Haha .I can't stop laughing when saw this picture because it recall back every stupid things that we did on that day ! OMFG 
 Me , Wai Ting , Ashley !

Kenny with me 

Gonna said thx to Ashley because he brought his DSLR to college on that day . Photos credit to Ashleyyyyy! 
Wassup Man . Hahahaha

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Listening to the music =)

I'm here , I'm still alive . Haha 
I'm here to make my blog alive again . Wow , seem like I had neglect it for so long .
Ok , talk about my college . 
I've moved in for 1 month if I'm not wrong .You know , my timetable was damn packed .

I need to wake up at 6am to catch the 7am bus to the college ! I have class at 9am ,but also need to take the earliest bus . You know why ? Because of the traffic jam ! As you know , KL .
Yea , sometime it take 1 hours or half an hour for the traffic jam . To avoid getting late for class , taking the earliest bus is the most safety way .

I just quit my english class in this afternoon .You need to paid extra for this class , it was like RM1800 for the english class . Wow  
So , I just wait for the EAP =) 
Tuesday and Wednesday is the most tiring day for me . Having pratical for this two days !

I'm trying hard to get what my lecturer said with his Austria accent . Haha .
You need to pay more attention when he's teaching . 
I hate ICT . I really don't know what the lecturer talking . So many software ==''
It makes me getting more confuse . Haix .
Whatever , I still need to put more effort on it . Mid term exam is just around the corner =$

Why the text book so thick ? It's killing me . Arghhhh ...
Pheww , be tough girl =D
We had our own knife pack for kitchen and hygiene class , our own uniform and shoes .
Sounds cool right ? but the shoes is uncomfortable .

If you think this course it's easy to handle , then you're wrong =)
I really learn a lots of things in this course . It's wonderful .
I never thought that it is so challenging . GOOD LUCK DIANA ♥

For now , I just wish that the dance club can run as soon as possible .