Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Listening to the music =)

I'm here , I'm still alive . Haha 
I'm here to make my blog alive again . Wow , seem like I had neglect it for so long .
Ok , talk about my college . 
I've moved in for 1 month if I'm not wrong .You know , my timetable was damn packed .

I need to wake up at 6am to catch the 7am bus to the college ! I have class at 9am ,but also need to take the earliest bus . You know why ? Because of the traffic jam ! As you know , KL .
Yea , sometime it take 1 hours or half an hour for the traffic jam . To avoid getting late for class , taking the earliest bus is the most safety way .

I just quit my english class in this afternoon .You need to paid extra for this class , it was like RM1800 for the english class . Wow  
So , I just wait for the EAP =) 
Tuesday and Wednesday is the most tiring day for me . Having pratical for this two days !

I'm trying hard to get what my lecturer said with his Austria accent . Haha .
You need to pay more attention when he's teaching . 
I hate ICT . I really don't know what the lecturer talking . So many software ==''
It makes me getting more confuse . Haix .
Whatever , I still need to put more effort on it . Mid term exam is just around the corner =$

Why the text book so thick ? It's killing me . Arghhhh ...
Pheww , be tough girl =D
We had our own knife pack for kitchen and hygiene class , our own uniform and shoes .
Sounds cool right ? but the shoes is uncomfortable .

If you think this course it's easy to handle , then you're wrong =)
I really learn a lots of things in this course . It's wonderful .
I never thought that it is so challenging . GOOD LUCK DIANA ♥

For now , I just wish that the dance club can run as soon as possible . 

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