Sunday, May 8, 2011


 What I did ? *evil smile * 

Since when I have the gut to did this ? I'm so curious you know ? Haha . LET ME TELL YOU THE STORY

Erhem ... 
Our college have GLEE CLUB  . But if you want to become one of the member , you must go for an audition.
Yeah , I did it ! SOLO man !!!!! I was super duper NERVOUS ....Grrrrrr ...

Friday was the last day for audition . I made the decision in the last minute . I had class on Friday from 9am to 12.30am . 
Audition start from 1pm to 2pm . So rush . I did not have enough time to pratice the song . At first , I decided to sing with one of my friend , Jewel . Too bad our voice not match at all .=(
She keep persuaded me to sing solo . I was damn nervous and tell her that I can't make this by myself .Hahah . Seriously !!!!!!!!!

Yea , I did it at last . She sang GRENADE , I sang TEENAGE DREAM . We're so special . Both of us sang without guitar . Cool right ? Haha . 
When I stepped into the audition room , I start shaking . XD It was so scary for me . 
Overall is ok , said by the judges . But I felt that it suck ! Arghhh , whatever ! I enjoyed it .

After class the start pratice with them =)

Jewel , me and Joshua

 Wai Ting , Me , Jewel

 Pratice outside the Lecturer Theater !

 They really like to disturb when I'm focus on singing . Haha .
 We did not use the guitar because it seem likes does not match with our voice . So , no guitar ! =D

After Audition ,chill with them in Starbucks . We were so crazy .Haha .I can't stop laughing when saw this picture because it recall back every stupid things that we did on that day ! OMFG 
 Me , Wai Ting , Ashley !

Kenny with me 

Gonna said thx to Ashley because he brought his DSLR to college on that day . Photos credit to Ashleyyyyy! 
Wassup Man . Hahahaha

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