Sunday, March 18, 2012

Imma Coffee Lover

It's a good news for people like me ( coffee lover ) after Mr.Ronald told me we gonna have Coffee Conference. It's the first time in Malaysia and I'm quite lucky is located in Berjaya Times Square !! My College !!! Don't ever worried about the transport problem . Nice 

During the coffee conference , I met all the top barista from Malaysia , Taiwan , Thailand & Singapore. Then , I get to attend 3 workshop . It's really a good experience for me . Through the conference , I really learned a lot about coffee. 

  After I registered , I get to drink free flow coffee for the whole day. Yes , it's free flow. But it's COFFEE not BEER . =) 

  As you can see from the picture , this process of making this coffee took 8 hours to produce only 4 cups of coffee. To have a better taste , it need to put into fridge for 3 days. I did tried the original one. But I do preferred the one that store in the fridge. It really taste good . Awww , I miss that coffee already . 

After lunch , workshop begin .

The 1st workshop I attend was MR.TONY's ( Singapore) workshop . 
I get 5 types of macaroons and 2 types of chocolate. I really don't like to eat chocolate. But for this , I ate a little bit . Wonder why those macaroons and chocolate for ? It's to taste with coffee. I get 3 type of coffee which are : Yigarcheffe , Barli Kimtamani , Guatemala .

I need to try every dessert then drink the coffee. I was so surprised because it brings out different taste for each of the dessert when I try with different type of coffee. For me , I prefer BARLI KIMTAMANI .  

The 2nd workshop is from MR VAN. LIM (TAIWAN , GABEE CAFE'S OWNER ) 

He made juices mix with coffee. What a nice combination. Of course taste nice. Mr. Van is really good in latte art . He also had a franchise in Malaysia which located in Bangsar - Buffalo Kitchen . I must visit there in one day. 

  Here come our lovely Chef Jochern from German . He always cooked really nice food for us. Haha. He cooked the beef with the coffee sauce for us . Goshhh , I really really miss that =S It was super duper good taste. Never think of coffee can mix with food right ? Our chef did a really good dish with coffee ! The second dish was cheese with coffee . 

The beef with the coffee sauce
Cheese with coffee

3rd workshop from Malaysia , Singapore & Thailand

For the last workshop , I get the chance to make my own coffee and latte art . To make a latte art is not easy , trust me . It was fun thou . 

 These are all make by the professional . Nice right ?  
 Tadaaaa , my handmade latte art . Cute right ? 
Actually , this considered failed . Haha . You can see those professional made a big heart on top of the coffee. Mine is small . 

Now , show you guys some chio latte art made by the one of the judges of barista competition from Thailand =)

 Bunny with the wink eye ~

Little lion wave to you 

I really enjoyed so much on that day . I remember I drank more than 5 cups of coffee on that day . FRESH
Haha . After the conference , I didn't take coffee for 2 weeks . Why ? Because they served best coffee which I couldn't find here. =(   Anyway , I definitely attend for the next conference * if they organize again* 

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I think I have mid term for all the subject on every week . Just passed my management mid term , coming up - bar & law . March gonna be good. Although gonna be tired but I kinda love my life now. It's time to grow up girl ! 
  Just found out Law's presentation can be so fun =) 
We prepared it at last minute and came out with a funny scenario. Thank you to a bunch of my friend which willing to ACT until so cool for the presentation. Seriously I can't wait for the next role play. Went to Nandos after law presentation and chit chat with my friends . Finally there are no more extra class on Saturday. Woo-hoo *scream&clap* 

Production will postponed to July . Thx God I can back to my hometown during the break . Phew. I want a lot of nice food when I get back to my hometown . Yummy ~ 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


1st of March 

February really been a good month for me. I got test and quiz every week , assignment and presentation all come in one shot. This is because some of the lecturer do not have scheme of work so forced to dragged everything to last minute. 

February, such a busy yet exciting month for me . Why ? Because : 

1) I met JJ & Ean 
2) I bought a pair of NIKE sneaker 
3) I got a new watch and shoes from Vincci 
4) I met Chuck Hughes  ( CHUCK'S DAY OFF) 
5) I'm gonna attend on Coffee Conference on next Tuesday ! 

Awesome right ? I know XD 

Next , Big Bang finally released their 5th mini album ! *scream* I had their 4th mini album from my friend as my birthday present . Thank you so much . So now , I want to get the 5th mini album of BIG BANG ! I'll suggest you to listen on BLUE & BAD BOY . It's so nice . I can't take my eyes off TOP !!! OMG , He's so cool !!! How can TOP's voice sound so man ? It melts me . Hahaha

I did change my layout if you noticed . Back to simple and I realize actually not bad .

March ! You better be good to me