Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sherbet !

I'm blogging in this time because I'm just back =) Had make a birthday suprise for one of my friend- Miss Ong Jing Yi. But the suprise failed . Whats wrong har ? Maybe we too noisy at outside dy. Haha.. We always like that ==

I've tried the Magnolia Sherbet Ice-cream after I read Chuckei's blog . It taste nice. Especially mangosten , orange and lychee.I don't really like Melon . You can have a try next time. I'm really in love with those Sherbet !

It's mangosten with orange !


I don't know what happen to my friends these few days . Keep calling me in the midnight . Sorry ya, I sudah sleep so no pick up ur call . =) Next time call earlier ya ? Haha ..

Last few days something happen that make my mood going Down down down ! I'm fine now. I don't like to be emo anymore . Hate it . Someone intro me [ LOVE SONG by Rain ] today. The song really make me flash back so many things when I'm in a relation ! Hah .. Kinda suck ya. I don't like the feeling coz I almost tears . Ish, stupid ! * ps: I'm not blaming you ya.not ur fault  *

Short update

Happy Anniversary to Lee Seek Yang and PeiQi Teh 
Stay sweet ya ! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

King of Jan !

Kinda busy in January,because lots of my friends born in this month ! If I'm not wrong,there are 7 of them born in this month. So,we almost hang out in every night to celebrate birthday together.Haha.

Here come the King of Jan ----Mr. Weng ! Yeah,he's the first one among my friends.We actually did give him a suprise,but I'm not sure how was his feeling.Because he used to play the music for us all the night.Thx ya.Our birthday cake was special . Taa-daa,ice-cream cake ! Chocolate favor if I'm not wrong.Although I don't like chocolate much,but I still had it.You know la,must give face eh.You're lucky because it's not fruit cake =) Sometimes really felt sorry to my friends because I did not eat the cake.The reason is,most of them order fruit cake or some cake taste nice to them but not to me.Thats why I never touch it.Haha .Felt guity !

Mr.Weng !
Here the picture with the birthday boy ! I think it's good to combine all picture together.=P
 Ok,coming up,Darick's birthday =) He's one of my church member and as a little brother for me ! I know you appreciate me lots. Hahaha. Before went to his place,we had our yamcha session at Sri Thai ! All of us had hamburger as dinner . So nice.We still treat this two guys to eat. *Because one of them always fetch us when we having transport problem*
We never plan to suprise this guy.I think that time we're too bored dy.So,headed to his house at 12am sharp.Before that,we bought some drinks and snack as present for him . It's too late . If we plan it nicely,the present would be vry nice.=D Our plan success . I saw him almost tears when we went into his house . He never expect we will did that to him . We did it ! *peace*
Mr.Darick with his present.
 The pic of us with him =) We are so noisy..We make others wake up from their dreamland.Sory,We didn't meant it .Please forgive us ya. I think we love to do this kind of things.Although in the car also can scream like nobody.Ohh,especially Jason Teoh ! He's the one will start to shout then we start to follow.Hahaha.Kinda noob ya.Never mind,at least we're enjoy with it.

I can't wait on the CNY trip ! Yeaaaah !   wait for me =)

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Post !

See my stupid face. I'm suffer

Just back from hospital on this noon . Had an appointment with the dentist =) I'm having tooth extraction . It's kinda pain la.I forget last time don't know who told me that it's not painful. You're totally WRONG ! Damn pain and I hate it. This is one of the frightened things in my life . Yea , I'm scared ! Now one down,I still have three to go .Ouch =( Before march I need to clear it,if not the dentist gonna delay my time to put on braces . I don't want it delay anymore.I want a nice teeth . teehee =P  Gonna meet up the dentist next week again . Haix.So bad.

Oh ya,this few days I'm sick ! That's why never update my blog. I'm having sore throat,high fever and heavy flu ! Suffered .Someone still suggest hot honey lemon for me to cure the heavy flu.Thx lots.Because he used to drink it everytime when he get flu.Haha . I missed the farewell party for one of my friend. He's going to National Service. Good Luck Bro. Do take care of yourself ya. Don't too miss me. Hahaha! He's sad because need to shave his hair . Sometimes I really can't stand on him. Ohh,how come a guy become like that ! His cosmetic more than us plus those sunblock,whitening cream and so on ! That's why he's fair =)

CNY coming soon. Haven't go out shopping to grab any new clothes yet.It's still not the time for me.Haha.What's the plan for CNY ? I'm not sure with it yet.If I'm not going anywhere,for sure will join my friends to gamble .Haha. That's a must for CNY ,and some beer ! I just wish that my dad's plan is on . Haix,I don't want to stay at here la ! It's bored ....I'm trying to persuade dad buy Sony T99 for me. Hope that it's work.If not I will ask my dad no need give me angpau ,just buy me that camera. Hahaha .I really need it much =8 . 

There are lots of Jan baby among my friends ! Then we gonna plan this and that to celebrate together.Kinda fun that I can hang out with u all again.But Lily gonna leave soon to continue her study ! The future lawyer.Fuyoh ! GOD BLESS YOU,SIS  

Hey friends,faster plan somewhere to go ! I'm pretty bored la