Tuesday, January 18, 2011

King of Jan !

Kinda busy in January,because lots of my friends born in this month ! If I'm not wrong,there are 7 of them born in this month. So,we almost hang out in every night to celebrate birthday together.Haha.

Here come the King of Jan ----Mr. Weng ! Yeah,he's the first one among my friends.We actually did give him a suprise,but I'm not sure how was his feeling.Because he used to play the music for us all the night.Thx ya.Our birthday cake was special . Taa-daa,ice-cream cake ! Chocolate favor if I'm not wrong.Although I don't like chocolate much,but I still had it.You know la,must give face eh.You're lucky because it's not fruit cake =) Sometimes really felt sorry to my friends because I did not eat the cake.The reason is,most of them order fruit cake or some cake taste nice to them but not to me.Thats why I never touch it.Haha .Felt guity !

Mr.Weng !
Here the picture with the birthday boy ! I think it's good to combine all picture together.=P
 Ok,coming up,Darick's birthday =) He's one of my church member and as a little brother for me ! I know you appreciate me lots. Hahaha. Before went to his place,we had our yamcha session at Sri Thai ! All of us had hamburger as dinner . So nice.We still treat this two guys to eat. *Because one of them always fetch us when we having transport problem*
We never plan to suprise this guy.I think that time we're too bored dy.So,headed to his house at 12am sharp.Before that,we bought some drinks and snack as present for him . It's too late . If we plan it nicely,the present would be vry nice.=D Our plan success . I saw him almost tears when we went into his house . He never expect we will did that to him . We did it ! *peace*
Mr.Darick with his present.
 The pic of us with him =) We are so noisy..We make others wake up from their dreamland.Sory,We didn't meant it .Please forgive us ya. I think we love to do this kind of things.Although in the car also can scream like nobody.Ohh,especially Jason Teoh ! He's the one will start to shout then we start to follow.Hahaha.Kinda noob ya.Never mind,at least we're enjoy with it.

I can't wait on the CNY trip ! Yeaaaah !   wait for me =)

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