Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sherbet !

I'm blogging in this time because I'm just back =) Had make a birthday suprise for one of my friend- Miss Ong Jing Yi. But the suprise failed . Whats wrong har ? Maybe we too noisy at outside dy. Haha.. We always like that ==

I've tried the Magnolia Sherbet Ice-cream after I read Chuckei's blog . It taste nice. Especially mangosten , orange and lychee.I don't really like Melon . You can have a try next time. I'm really in love with those Sherbet !

It's mangosten with orange !


I don't know what happen to my friends these few days . Keep calling me in the midnight . Sorry ya, I sudah sleep so no pick up ur call . =) Next time call earlier ya ? Haha ..

Last few days something happen that make my mood going Down down down ! I'm fine now. I don't like to be emo anymore . Hate it . Someone intro me [ LOVE SONG by Rain ] today. The song really make me flash back so many things when I'm in a relation ! Hah .. Kinda suck ya. I don't like the feeling coz I almost tears . Ish, stupid ! * ps: I'm not blaming you ya.not ur fault  *

Short update

Happy Anniversary to Lee Seek Yang and PeiQi Teh 
Stay sweet ya ! 

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