Sunday, February 13, 2011

Purple Rock the Night !

I'm back =

Just wanna said that I had no regret took part in this competition. It's the best gift for me. Thank God ♥ 
GO BREAK TEAM   always the best in my heart. I love you guys so muchhhhh...  Ok,I'm gonna tell you the story now. Our team had took part in the dance competition . It was my very F-I-R-S-T time . I'm so nervous,so do my team mate .  We get the third place, and we're satisfy with that. Because.....only our team know what happen . hehe ..

I'm so shock that they will take part. Before that I ask them but no one want to take part. Till the day before competition,they just said wanna take part. WTF == Did you know how rush ? At first , I never join them.But,the stupid Lynne keep ask me take part and bla bla bla. If I no join them,I'm pretty sure that I will cry.Hahaha ..Ok, keep the story short . =P  During we pratice there are some problem and we nearly give up .We're the only team never make up . TOO RUSH FOR EVERYTHING.. Even some dance step we still change before go on stage . Honestly, I wanna cry out on that time .
While we waiting the result , we keep comfort each others and said : It's ok's ok .. if we lose also never mind. Just take it as experience . Kinda funny that time . We really never expect that we get the third place. I scream and keep hug on everyone . I'm so so so happy . Haha ..Thx for everyone that never give up . You guys are the best . Love you all ♥ 

Yea,maybe others will said somethings about us. Whatever, we don't fucking care about it . Just enjoy it . Oh ya,Max Identity and PEZ at there too . Jackson , Elaine and Wc were the judges on that night .

 Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BREAK TEAM ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!
 Our trophy =)
 Taa-daa, our shoes.. nice right ? kinda cool .
 Had a celebration with all the judges and two others groups after the dance.  =)

Here's another celebration just for our team. I miss that night . I miss your monkey sounds so much . You knew who it is. Hahahah.. Laugh non stop  .
 This two became my partner . Thank you . I knew that his gf jealous . Hey hey, sorry for that borrow your bf awhile =) Next time is your turns. I promise . Hahaha .
 Hahaha.. A special love shape
 I've no idea what I'm doing ==

Wait for my BANGKOK post ♥ 
Bangkok was awesome .
 I'm gonna visit again on April if can .

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