Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are you the star ?

Are you the star ??

Wonder what is it ? Let me tell you....
It was a MONIN COMPETITION that held in our college at the 14th floor , THE SAMPLINGS .
Usually we're having service class on Monday but due to the competition , the class was cancel but we still need to go to serve them .

We reached there at 8.30am early in the morning to prepare for the competition . This competition was open to all professional bartender . They have to made 2 cocktail and 2 mocktail in 7 minutes . Those contestant were from SKYBAR , G TOWER , SO LOUD , BERJAYA HOTEL and others. Sorry that I couldn't remember all . The competition started at 1.30pm , end at 6pm . Such a nice experience for me .

Set up all the MONIN SYRUP , LIQUEUR for Contestant .    

Some food to serve the them , organizer and judges

 Didn't had enough time to take all pictures , but I manage to take some :

 The drinks of the Champion  - Cocktail

 Second runner up from SKYBAR

 Colourful drinks

Congratulations to all the winner =) 

Saturday, June 2, 2012


It's been 2 months I didn't update my blog . Sad =(
I promise that I'll update after I get my laptop .

Just establish a dance club in my college and it ain't easy . Need to go through a lot and I thank God for a bunch of helpful friends to help and strengthen me up when I'm down . They're amazing =D
Besides , our Missing Sun Production is just around the corner . Guysss , please support us and like our production page . Appreciate much . Don't miss out this production !!!

This is the link of our production page :
http://www.facebook.com/MissingSunProduction Do like it  !!

Just a short update !