Monday, May 30, 2011

Blur @@

I'm so so super duper careless . I have no idea how come I locked myself in the house . Omg ! I left my key on the table and I locked my room . After I went out to the living room I just realized I left my key inside the room . WHAT ?! I have class at 2.30pm and I had no key to open the door .Conclusion , I missed the class . Lucky I just had one class for today . 

My friends were so cute ya . They knew I was stuck in the house so made a call to me before the class start .Haha . Thx for your concern k . I know you all miss me XD  Nah , they still tease me . I can listen lots of laughter ya ! Don't know how to face you all tomorrow ! Promise to myself , no more NEXT TIME . Never ever ! 

Skip that , talk about my study ? ! So far so good =)
Sometime its kinda bored in the lecture hall . So , camwhore is the best thing to let the time pass faster . Haha
Girls used to be like that k , no blaming =) SS TIME .

Vanessa with me during the Computer Class

I tell you , no one like this class because it was super duper boring . Everytime in the class I am trying so hard not to let myself fall asleep .FYI , the lecturer love to pick those student who did not pay attention or sleep in his class and ask them question . I don't want become one of the victim . During 10 mins break times , I definitely get myself a cup of coffee =)

Now , I am suffer with my assignment . No idea how to start , what to write . Left one more week for my Windows assignment , 2 more weeks for F&B assignment . Presentation for Managing Services =P  

SS time ! Sorry for the bad quality . Haha . Blame Vanessa

After class , we went to Pavilion , Dragon-i for our assignment . Yea , you're not wrong ! FOR ASSIGNMENT ! For the F&B assignment , we need to go 1 fast food restaurant , family restaurant and hotel . We need to spend our money there =( I'm broke . We need to write down the grooming of the waiters , the food and lots of thing . Haix , GUYS , I'm still searching which hotel should we go . 

Why I am so happy ? No idea . Haha .
 Wai ting , Vanessa , Me and Laura 

I need to rush back to college to pratice dance after lunch . Performance soon for the Japan Charity =) Hope that u guys can donate more to help JAPAN .

I'm still curious why you keep asking me those questions . 
Yea , I'm still think about it after we met on that day . Stupid right ? You don't even care  
I'm the only person care . Whatever . I try to figure out by myself but failed .
Nah , you're not into me I know =) Cheer cheer . Hehe 

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