Friday, July 1, 2011


Finally I'm here to update my blog =)

Saw the flower ink on my leg ? Ok , this cost me RM10 . This is when we had a visit to RUMAH 
KRAFTANGAN . Most of us decided to have a try on it and it's so cool . I love it so much . They said it 
 brings luck if u draw it either on your hands or your legs . I'm not sure it's true or not . Figure out by yourself . Haha
Ok ,skip that.
Honestly , I can't remember the date already . Oh , so sad . I should post it earlier but I have no time with it .So, I went to the ANGRY BIRD CARNIVAL AND R16 FINAL .Crowded man ! Lots of people there . It was held in LOWYAT . I just went there to register and get a free fan of angry bird . Haha . I want the free t-shirt badly =( It's freeeeeeeeeeee .

Awesome right ? They still set the game for you to play . It's long queue ! Everyone were crazy on ANGRY BIRDS . Cool . Saw the Green Pig ? HAHA
I'm not a big fan of ANGRY BIRD and I'm noob in this game ! I can get high score for FRUIT NINJA . But NO for ANGRY BIRD . I don't know why . Everyone keep said I'm noob when I'm playing this game . I admit that I'M SUCK in this game . Haha

Next , headed to PAVILION for R-16 FINAL 

FYI , I really gone crazy if it's related to DANCE ! I'm so high on that day . Wow !
Felt sorry to my friends too. Because before enter it , we need to buy the T-SHIRT . Sorry guys =P 
You guys enjoy too right ? So , it's worth XD I'm finding excuse .

 At last , the crew from TAIWAN WON ! 
It's ok , at least Malaysia make it to SEMI FINAL . TRY HARDER NEXT YEAR !

Had a try on SNOWFLAKE . Hmmm , maybe my friend order the wrong one for me . Haha . Cause it don't taste nice =P Sorry guys .

 I ♥ this T-SHIRT !

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