Saturday, July 9, 2011


I'm more into TWITTER now . I just love Twitter =) 

That's why I less update my FB status . That's why some of my friends misunderstand me . They thought I did

 not play FB anymore .I still on everyday but just more on Twitter . *tweet tweet*

FYI , now all the roadblocks in KL , it's very dangerous if you hang out on weekend . Especially for this two
days . But I have no choice , I need to go college . Need to work for BMW event in these two days . Once I

reach college , our lecturer will bring us to that event . If I'm not wrong it's located nearby IKEA. So, please

bless us reach there safely . I don't want get stuck in the traffic jam =(

Had a gathering with my close friends last week . Enjoy my weekend so much because of them .

Can't wait for the next gathering . 

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