Friday, February 3, 2012

Fly Back !!!


  Went to Rasa Utara for breakfast with my lovely friends before depart to airport . I never thought that I could survived with just 2 hours sleep . I'm AWESOME ! Hahah

  Slept at 5am last night and I thought I'll be sleepy for class but didn't . It's miracle for me. I packed my luggage in the morning . See , I'm always like that. Bad Habit .

  Waiting for the flight alone here in LCCT . Lucky that I met a nice guy on the bus on the way to LCCT. We talked a lot . If not it's gonna be a boring just like I'm sitting here alone waiting for the flight .

  Between , I'm really thinking should I go to Avril Lavigne's concert . Damn , I wanna go so badly. But I felt bad cause spend too much for flight ticket . *if didn't missed flight =(*  I wanna go !!!! Someone sponsor me please. Lol !

Just a short update with my phone .

Have a nice holidays peep ! Fl

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