Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nuffnang Food Fest 2013

Before I start to blog about the food fest , I just wanna say that Nuffnang is Awesome cause they always organize memorable event for people like me to look forward more about their event not forget about the food fest. How awesome it is you can just tweet to get free food. This is the first ever happened in Malaysia that people can get free food through their tweet =) 

Before they reveal the date and venue of the food fest I just can't wait for it. Omg , when they announced the date and venue through twitter, everyone goes crazy including me =P Just tell me how not to be excited about it ? If you're not looking forward for the event , you probably have some problem. Haha. I mean, how can people resist the temptation of food ? Right ? Okay, back to the topic. Nuffnang Food Fest were organized on the 5th October at Sunway Pyramid Blue Entrance which start at 3pm-10pm. What makes this event more fun is that they open to public *scream* So I drag my friends along to the food fest. 

Registration start at 3pm . So me and my friends start to queue up because the first 500 register will get macaroons =) After few minutes they queue getting longer. Phew, thanks God we make it early . Haha 

Photo Credits to Nuffnang and Canon 

See, we are actually the second on and you can see the queue is getting longer. 

Oh yeah , I got the limited badge for myself too and also mint flavor macaroons. But I still prefer the macaroons made by my friends - Janice. Anyway , thanks for the free one . Hehe 

After register we took a group photo from Flissco. Just love it so much 

There's a lot of vendor cooperate with Nuffnang FoodFest ... 

Didn't get to try all but still I have a good day .

Chatime is different from others vendor as you are require to take photo and upload to your Instagram to claim you free drinks. So , I just did it to claim my pear juice at the hot weather . 

I don't know why that I get thirsty so easily and I get my drinks from JuiceWorks. Omg... free food and drinks just make me so happy. And I did try out the coffee from Barista Guild Asia. The lady have so much patient because they are a lot of people waiting for coffee and she insist to give a perfect cup for the guest by drawing really nice latte art for each cup. So much effort from the lady and their coffee is really good. A big cup of coffee been serve to us. 

What I'm looking forward is to try out the burger from MyBurgerLab cause I didn't have a chance to try it but they are here. I'm acting like a happy kids who just got her favourite toys. LOL  MyBurgerLab have a really long. But this does not stop us. Haha. Me and my friends queue up for half an hour for our burger. Got to try their chicken burger and it's not bad but I wish to try out their beef burger. Gonna visit to their shop next time. 

Happy girls finally got her burger =D

New Zealand Natural was so kind enough by giving out one cone of ice cream to their guest. So I had try their durian flavor ice cream. Thumbs up for that. It taste really good.. 

Before proceed to the last station , me and my friends decided to have some beer so we bought the voucher from the crew and headed to Crazy Potato. All I gonna said is that Crazy Potato is really crazy because the queue is just so long since noon till night . 

Gonna end this post with the photo with Audrey and Tim. Hehe 
So happy get to meet up with them !!! Although I don't look good but who cares. Haha 

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