Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan .


I wake up late this morning because of MU . Haha . Sorry guys , I did not mean to put aeroplane . I just knew that not only me can't wake that early .So glad to heard that . Teehee . Thx God , last night Manchester United did not disappoint me . =) They win the match with 2-0 . Lets see MU meet who in final . I'm so excite with it . 

 Ok , I should stop that . I think everyone knew that what happen in Japan . They get hits by 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami .Shock when I saw it in the news . How come it happen so sudden ? No idea . So , what we can do is pray hard for them , pray that the total number of death won't increase anymore . Amen .  

Sad to saw this happened in Japan . Some stupid still take this time create some rumours about world gonna end soon and make everybody scared about it . Can't you just shut up ? !   You have the time to create the rumours , why don't take the time to solve the problem ? Hey , not just you live in this world ya . No offence . Just angry with those idiots .

Appreciate before its too late   
Love   L.I.F.E