Saturday, January 7, 2012

NYE !!

Finally it's 2012 and everyone is talking about  new year resolution . My new year resolution ?? I wish that I 

got sponsor by somebody for a trip to Italy !  90% won't happen . LOL . Italy is such a beautiful country 

which they have macho guy , beautiful scene , tasty food and I love their language. Don't you feel that it's 

beautiful ? I fall in love to ITALY since I started to read [ EAT , PRAY , LOVE ] this novel . She travel to 

3 countries after her divorce which were ITALY , INDIA and INDONESIA . The different culture in these 

3 countries make her growth and have faith in her love after a bad divorce with her husband . Okay , let's 

stop that and talk about NYE . If you wanna know more about the story you can get it from popular if 

they're still selling =) 

I felt so happy cause I spent my NYE with a bunch of lovely friends and him Book a room from Dorsett 

Hotel which just located behind Pavilion. We had also book a room from CEO for sing k session . You 

know that what's the best things in CEO ? They allowed us to use student card during NYE !!!! I was stunt 

at first and we got 50% discount ! Cool right . We sang from 1pm to 7pm on that day . I'm gonna say that 

the food over there were much more better compare to Neway ! The place was nice so do the room . I 

swear that I'll definitely back to CEO again !! 

Back to hotel to change our outfit then headed to Pavilion for the countdown party . Seriously , it was so

crowded . Actually we gonna meet Yumi first but then she went to Sg,Wang for the concert . SAD CASE.

Never mind , we do enjoyed on that night . Spent time with my craziest friend is the best ! Wonder about

drinking session ? Hahaha . We do drink in the hotel and one of my friend drunk . I hate taking care of

drunk people because you have no idea what they gonna do next . We slept around 4am that night because

this drunker keep playing the music while we try to sleep so badly . How was your NYE ?

New Year ! Better Life

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KANAGA said...

how much do u wan for sponsoring ur trip to italy?