Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family Outing !

My passport was expired and I felt really lazy to re-new it so just left it aside. Then I just did border pass

because I need to go to the border side of Thailand . There are a lot of nice food and clothes with cheap

price you can get it from there .

 I went there with my family and we just stayed at there for one night. After we reached there , headed to a

steamboat restaurant which I miss so much .

Sorry that the picture a bit blur . Anyway , I just love their design so much . It's more on traditional design.

It's really comfortable to have your lunch and dinner there. Well , the restaurant open at 5pm - 10pm .

Better go early cause it always crowded during dinner time . We went there 5pm sharp cause I'm very

hungry and can't stand on it already . If you know me well , you surely know that I will be very noisy when 

I'm hungry =P

You can just ignore the things on the table . Haha

I miss the sauce so much , it's spicy and sour

Seafood Steamboat . Cute Right =)

to spend time with my family with the awesome food we had together.

Then I went to the night market with my brother and saw something special . Guess what it is ?! Taa-daa. I 

know it was disgusting but nice =D Not much choices there.

Disgusting ? have a try by yourself .

Next , I bought 2 dress and a pair of shoe for myself . Nothing much to buy .Don't have the shopping mood 

Next morning , I walked out from the hotel and get myself a cup of coffee from a small stall which set at the roadside. 

I'm pretty sure you all enjoy your Christmas Day so much . Few more days then we gonna countdown for the new year .

Look forward for the opening chapter , don't close your chapter with regret =) You learn , you grow

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