Saturday, December 24, 2011


FYI , I went to Battleground Final Live Show and it was cool . Thank you Rubern fetch us there . What's

funny was we were lost for almost 1 HOUR . Lucky that we depart early so we managed to make in time

and meet up my babes =D It was crowded and I didn't get to take much photo. I was standing far away

from the stage so don't expect I will took much photo for the Battleground . Between , I was enjoyed the

show . Congratulation to KATOON NETWORK !!!

The show remind me about the STEP OUT that I had join for this year. I think I couldn't make it for next

year cause my dad not allow . Sigh .

The show end at 10pm.

Meet up with YUMI

The night is still young so we decided went to MOVIDA to have some drinks . Haha . We party hard on

that night. I met 2 judges from Battleground in Movida and we do have some talks =) Damn happy . Keep

the story short . Photos up !

Ermm , she was tipsy and high dy . Hahahha

 Got a sweet kiss from my babe . Hmm , JJ don't jealous ya . XD

 She love this pic with half of my face ! See , I post it up for you ! Nahhhh .

So, what's your Christmas plan ? I think I might just stay at home . SAD CASE =(

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