Wednesday, January 8, 2014


       You never know you are being used once they show you the truth. I thanks God this time I get the sign earlier compare to before. Of course I felt upset cause I do have feeling too. But instead of blaming people, I take it as motivation for myself. Which this incident gonna shape a better me when you realize things change in a second. People oftenly made choices due to the benefits they gain. It's the reality. So do I. So there are no excuses to get angry but to change it. You know your stand once the truth been shown. Me and my frieds are comforting each other where it makes me realize they are my true friends . Although we have a choice but we choose to face it together and help each other.

       Life is cruel. Your journey gotta be challenging to help you to shape a better you and look on the positive side. No pain no gain. Thou its a common quote but its the truth. At the moment you are hating that person,why dont just take this opportunity to thanks them to make you realize actually you could be better without them.

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