Wednesday, January 8, 2014


2014 , a new year , new resolution .

      I don't really set resolution for myself . All I want to do is make sure I will do the best for everything.

      Sometimes I do think I'm the one who tend to make things more complicated. Once I thought I might get along well with the people I knew for so long but end up it prove that my decision was right. For 2014 , I just want to make it right . For my own sake.

      Didn't get to do a wrap up for my 2013 but it's okay. Should not hold on the past but to look forward. People change, things change. Well , just deal with it =)

Things I want to do :

1) Learn new language

2) Improve my baking skills

3) Improve my dancing skills

4) Get more part time job to increase my allowance *due to a lot of things need to buy in the list*

5) Stay healthy

6) Do my best for everything

      Not consider it as new year resolution cause it gonna me a bigger dream than those in my list. These are all the things I usually do where I wish myself can perform even better than before.

      Sometimes when you think people are gonna change but end up it didn't where this feeling just tear you apart. When you are ready to accept the changes of a person but somehow they back to be the same as before where it disappoint you. And you realize , Hey, I made a right decision .  Yea , we just need this to make us realize that we are making a right choice. I believe in my instinct although some people might said it's ridiculous. Oh well , I know myself pretty well . It just never goes wrong =)

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