Friday, August 24, 2012


One more week to September !

It's gonna be busy month again ! September gonna be DANCE MONTH for me ! Great , can't wait for it before I start my internship . College start at 6th but have to go back early to prepare for the performance. It's gonna be GANGNAM STYLE =D It had became a trend now . Honestly , when I first listened to that song it was okay for me . Thx to my bro keep playing non stop in the house and I get addicted .

Back to college , prepare for performance and video shooting . Fun gonna begin soon. Didn't really get to work closer with my dance member. All I do was just teach them dance when they come to dance class. We do talk to each others but not much. We never have breakfast / lunch / dinner together before. Too bad. Shamed . Hey guys , we should hang out more kay . Although I'm in my hometown now , didn't really get to enjoy much . Headache for the upcoming competition . Bobby gonna be the judge man ! Oh No !

By the way , SHOWDOWN STREET FEST 2012 is Coming Soon .

Tell me how I don't love SEPTEMBER ?! 
They will have different kind of dance workshop and performance by our local hip hop dancer .
Grab your friends along and join this event dancer

Saw some of the member's status that they can't wait for gangnam style . I do hope a lot of member join this event and get to know each other more. 

Hahahah , don't miss out the fun ya ! 


chaumei said...

Everyone also can join??? I want too! XD

Diana Kong said...

For showdown street fest , Yes. It's for everyone =) bring along ur fren cause I'm going

chaumei said...

Actually how is the event gonna be? Tell me more about that pls~~~ XD

Diana Kong said...

They have a lot of dance workshop which for u to learn dance but I'm not sure what type of dance will they teach yet . After that at night there will be performance by local hip hop dancer =)