Saturday, October 29, 2011


  Wow , it's almost the end of October and I'm just gonna update my blog . It's been a long time never blog.

I have no mood to blog and I'm very busy in this month . 

Actually I've done a lots of stuff in this month . Worked , Competition , Exam , Danced . Pheww

I got some part time job for myself although the paid were not that high but it's okay for me . Hey , at least I

earn some money kay .

  October Fest were so fun =) I worked for this event and there were a lot of HOT GUYSSS . Haha

I never thought that GERMAN GUY can be so hot . So , I stared on them for the whole night . =s

Too bad didn't get any free mug on that night . The Band from GERMAN were pretty cool . Love it .

They played nice music for all the night . I missed it .

Beside that , I need to groom nicely for every Friday because of FRONT OFFICE =)

Honestly , it's getting more interesting for me . Hehe . Dealing with guest was fun .

Course Mate with me 

We just did some basic things for FO . Guest reservation , Check in Guest and Check Out Guest . 

You gonna be super fast because you just got 10 minutes to check in / out guest .  

  I do join Dance Club too in our church . Currently , we are learning [ SO SICK - NE YO ]  . Didn't dance 

for so long and I'm glad that there are a place for me to dance again . But I need to get a pair of new shoe for 

dancing and it cost RM300++ . Hmmmm

Since I had took part badminton tournament . Surely get myself a pair of new shoe and went for a jog.

OMG , The park was so big . I'm like so tired after jog for only one round . It's a nice place for you 

to jog or cycle at there . I love the environment . 

  Went for a movie with my friends before headed to church . We had some food before the movie started . 

Chit - chat for 2 hours in the restaurant . Haha . Had a nice day with them 

 What's Your Number ? MR . 20 ♥ 

Had a great night with PASTOR TROY . He was awesome . Wish that he will visit to M'sia again .

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