Saturday, September 17, 2011


  I just can't stop laughing when I saw the comment in my fb status . Haha . Sorry guys . *felt guilty*

I want to declare here , I'm still single okay =) No worries . Hehe .

Why I post that status because  [ RELATIONSHIP ] was the topic that we learned on that day.

It's so true . Set your boundary in a relationship, so that you won't feel hurt =) 

No need to be rush in your relationship . Let time be your friend . Too quick then you will end up quick too.

When pastor told us about his relationship , I'm so shocked . It's amazing for me and others too =)


Next sat will be our church's anniversary . Can't wait for that . I did make a special trophy for my parents .

Although they can't attend but I still can give it to them when I back to my hometown . *weee*

Nothing much to write . *yawning*

Nights . Can't wait for tomorrow match . MU vs CHELSEA ♥ 

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