Saturday, April 9, 2011

Said bye to this Lovely Town

I'm gonna leave this town soon =( 

Everybody was asking me how was my feeling now ? Ok , I'm gonna said that I'm fear .
New environment , New friends . Aghhh. Wish that I can handle it nicely . 
Hope that I will enjoy my college life much =) 
I'm count as lucky because at least I have my OLD FRIEND accompany me . Haha .
Thx sweetie
We gonna live together , study together , hang out together . Will I felt bored facing her everyday ? Hahah . just kidding honey . I knew you will feel bored that facing me everyday too . =D

I haven't pack my luggage .Because I don't know where should I start . Haha 
One more days for me . I'm gonna list it down and pack it before I left something important .
Since no one remind me , so I'm gonna list it down by myself . If not my Dad sure nagging non stop . 
OK . Stop about that

If you are Manchester United fans . You sure knew what happen on last few days .
Yea , the RED DEVIL makes miracle . I'm so so so HAPPY ! 
I'm gonna said that M.U had Rooney was so good =)  

But later Rooney not gonna play . So , RED DEVIL please play well . I think that you guys can beat FUHAM easily right ? GO GO GO .
My friends had no idea why I'm so crazy in FOOTBALL . LOL 
I'm just a newbie . Not really know much about it . hehe
Felt damn happy to meet M.U fans . Haha . 
GLORY GLORY Manchester United

 Back to the topic . 
I'm gonna miss my crazy friends lots lots lotsssssssssssssssss . 
We must have a gathering next time . M.U.S.T ya !!!!!!! 
I think I'm gonna miss my hometown food badly too . =(

May GOD Bless Me .


chaumei said...

After we go to petaling jaya, sure go find you two!! Not sing K but yamcha at kedai mamak. hahahah~ Have to save MONEY what XD

♥ Precious D said...

Better come ya . Don't just bual nah ! Hahaha ..Yamcha at where also no problem . Wanna meet u all only .