Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Life

Finally settle all the things and move into the house . It's glad to knew all the house mates . They are from philippine and vietnam . Me and Wai Ting are the youngest in the house . Hmm , the house is ok , just the room too small for two of us . 

Tomorrow gonna wake at 7am early morning and prepare to college . Is that count early ? Hmm , figure out by yourself . Haha . It's time to be a BIG GIRL now! I mean , need to be more independent . Don't just rely on someone . =)

Went to Sunway before headed to our Hostel . Bought a book from popular - EAT.PRAY.LOVE
Before that I wanna get it from KB MALL's POPULAR . But the worker told me its out of stock dy . Ish
So happy when I saw it still have stock in SUNWAY's  POPULAR . 
Still have lots of things dint buy .

♥ Short update

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