Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Morning guys ops,it should be afternoon now. =P

I'm kinda bored now because waiting my cousin straighten her hair,after that just go to mall.Don't feel like wanna shopping,I think I will just do window shopping for today . I'm waiting my friend pass me the pen drive so that I can just lay on the sofa whole day,watching my fav drama =) My life is kinda bored now ! I think I should back to the dance class soon to catch up all the dance I had missed .

It's rainy day and this weather make me sick =(  Had a heavy flu. I can't stand on a cold weather because it just will make me sick.Hate it so much . Last night on the living room,I ask my dad to switch off the fan because I'm cold but he blame me == Why? See the conservation between us .
Me: Dad,switch off the fan please,I'm cold 
Dad: You see,it's your fault right? Don't know how to take care of yourself .
Me:Whats wrong? you know that your daughter cant stand with the cold weather at all
Dad: Yea,so still ur fault.Don't blame the weather 

I was like,huh? all my fault now .I know this is one of the way he concern me.Hahaha =P Anyway,I still hate rainy day . It ruins my plan .

Just a short update ♥ 

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