Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet Santa Claus on December ♥

I know the colour is suck coz I lazy to edit it.Haha
Taken by my no quality handphone-k750i .No blaming

Old handphone right? Haha.I knew that it's time to get a new hp.
But I gonna wait after my result release,poor result = no hp
Ok,I don't wanna talk about exam or result anymore because it turns my mood become emo.

So fast,finally it's DECEMBER now ! It's time to meet SANTA CLAUS =)I miss you Santa Claus. I'm gonna countdown at KB on 24th Dec because have function at there
It's my first time join it too.Wish that I'll have lots of fun there.*wink*

So,for those who are relaxing now,enjoy your vacations.School open soon.*evil smile*
And I'm gonna have about 3 months holidays after that.Woo,so nice
Just now,I had search the place that I wanna go as vacation.It's so cool
Because I thought that Jan will be free,unfortunetly it's fully book on January 2011.
So,maybe just go there on February 2011 .Somehow,I just wish my family allow me to go by myself =)
It will be a nice trip for me,maybe a bad idea for you .* Can't wait anymore
I just wish I won't get lost in the city.Haha

Back to the topic,
December is the last month for this year . Spend it wisely
For me,I had learn lots of lesson in this year.Sounds that I'm so bad.==
Bad things gone,good things come ! That's everyone wish ,include me
I will be more stronger than before and more independent !! So do you =)

: Lets countdown for Santa Claus to visit you :


chaumei said...

go where??
can count me in??

♥ Precious D said...

u sure you wanna follow? coz after you knew it,u sure said me crazy..Hahah..but maybe go at Jan o?sure want follow?

chaumei said...

seems like the place is quite hmmmm.. XD
tell me the place first~