Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Queen ♥ Party ?!

I'm not going to blog about exam stuff because I knew that it's kinda bored right? So,no more exam stuff till I finish the exam.

Last night had fun at Qing's house.The december baby ♥ 

Finally she's 17 now.I was late last night to her party.When I reached there,saw that lots of my friends already there.Then Qing take out her ice-cream birthday cake and celebrate with us.
But she don't know that we actually bought a birthday cake for her dy .So,after eating we went into the K-room and singing.Qing suggest watch movie st just sing.I don't know where she get the Piranha movie.It's the old one.After that we just watch front part of PIRANHA then change to TEKKEN this movie.I bet last night those guys sure very enjoy the front part of PIRANHA ! Hahaha..No need to mention here why there are so enjoy last night with the movie.Just find the old version PIRANHA then you will know why it's so nice for them =P

The front part of TEKKEN got bit bored,but after that is good.I love Jin this character =) It's about fighting.If you don't like fighting movie then just skip it. Hmm,so Tekken this movie is new or long time dy? Someone tell me please . 

It's almost 11pm after we done our movie.Then we start to play the cake cream.All of us become clown for last night.Pity of the birthday girl because she was the winner of the clown last night.Hahaha..Baby,we just wanna fun ya,so do you.We play till 12 smtg just wanna back home.See,exam haven't finish we start to party dy.Seem so relax huh! Yes,we are..Just for one day.I believe the next day all back to meet the Mr.Stress dy.

I've no photo for last night.All in the birthday queen's camera.=) 

* 14th have party at TM,15th have party at KK,18th and 24th have party at KB
I still can't make sure that will I attend it or not , except for 15th and 24th. Just wish that I can make it to all the place ♥   

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