Friday, December 31, 2010

Last for 2010 !

  End of the year ! Oh, we gonna said bye to 2010 and 2011 coming soon ! Kinda fast ya . 
Seriously,everything not going smooth for me in this year.Whatever,I'm waiting the new year coming . It's 0 to 1 . I believe that the new year will bring me a new life . I'm tough enough to handle it now.I'm happy that someone finally know me I will sayang u too sis =) It's so touching when I receive yours comment ! If you are reading this post , I wanna tell you that I love you lots lots and thank you for help me getting what I want Muacx 

Nothing much to say for this year because I choose to keep it in my heart ! Oh ya,I'm glad that I knew a bunch of new friends before the year end of 2010 ! Thx to my niece .Haha.You guys,stop calling me aunty k? Bit regret let you guys know I'm his aunt .I just same age with you guys la.Ish..

I'm back to the jazz class . Lots of dance need to catch up because I perform 4 song . Kinda tired for me.I'm so bad because I skip class today.=P I promise that I will catch up as fast as I can ok ? Be happy girls.I think my teacher will chop if I not try to catch up.Hahaha.

2010 ! I learn lots and hurt lots too ! So,I don't want to repeat it in the new year . I want a brand new year ! Oh ya, I'm fall in love with the world cup in this year .=P I still remember that I woke up at the midnight just to watch the match.Then I still need to woke up early went to school. That was an exhausted month for me,but I do enjoy ! The bad things that only I hate for this year was I get cheat by a liar ! all gone . Not just me,my friends too! we're fucking hate that guy . Thats why until now I haven't get my car license =(

I should be more cheerful right ? I know. I my friends too.I when we hang out together and study together ! It's fun . 

This is my last post for 2010 =) Seriously,when you read back what you've post,it's kinda funny ! Haha . Take it as your memory .


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