Monday, November 1, 2010


Yes..It's November now.

Time flies so fast,it's hard to believe that it's November now.Pheww..
Now the raininy day is coming and the weather is cold now.I can't stand with the cold weather.Haix,gonna wear jacket everyday to school.Haha.

I thought that I can get my car license at last month.Now I think gonna wait until after SPM.If you're following with the right person then won't get cheat like us.I means the person that teach you drive.My friends and I paid all the money to him dy,but he still never book the time for us.Till now all of us just get L license and waiting to the exam to get license P .I just wish that this matter can settle quickly.Some of my friends wish that gonna take the exam before SPM.Now we can do is just wait his answer.Not responsible at all.Hate it.Arghh~~

FYI,kelantan now is count as rain season.Every November and December sure will rain and some place may flood.For the SPM candidates,you all must be ready to move out to your friend's or relative's house.This is the better way dy.If not,you will be suffer only.I'm just concern k?

This month gonna be an exhausted month.SPM SPM SPM=)
Just do my revision as much as I can ! Fighting....

*Our performance is set on 14th November.=)

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