Sunday, October 31, 2010

Certificate with us

Last wednesday our school had organize malam kokurikulum.It means that if you take part on any kokurikulum and get into state level or national level,you will get invite to malam kokurikulum.Our school also prepared lots of certificate for the participants on that night.I plan to wear cheongsam on that night,but teacher said if you wanna wear it then add long pants inside it.I was stunt a while and said why gonna add long pants? You know why? the teacher said cheongsam too sexy dy== Fine,baju kebaya be my second choice =)

Make a phone call for my cousin and borrow from her.Last year I wore the orange colour,this year it's green colour =) For the boys,they must wear formal to attend malam-ko . Felt that this year lots of chinese student get invited.So nice.Keep going on friends...

When I reached there,I get number 36 for my seat.Far from my friends la.At last also get exchanged with the two little girls,thx much ya.Appreciate. 15 minutes later,we gonna queue up outside the school hall to welcome the Pengarah Pelajaran Kelantan.Adds on,our school had a free fireworks show for all of us.That's my second time stayed so close with the fireworks.Felt so nice.
Taadaa-the green colour kebaya.It should be light green =)
See,our school hall.So glad that our school hall finally had air-conditioner. depeh huh? Hahah.
Darick and Seek Yang.Noisy guy..
And here come our waiter Chee Yang.He serve us on that night.Hahah.Thx much,I appreciate much.Especially when the juice was finish,he called the waiter again and again just to add the juice for us.
Wai Ting and Me..Enjoying our dinner
All of us with teachers
See,our certificate..Haha

The photo taken by me.Nice right? I love it much.
Description by me too! Enjoy the night.Our BC SOCIETY get num 2 as the active society.In our heart,it always be num 1

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