Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey,study mood come please !

Since when I'm gonna start my whole day just for revison?
I felt tired but need to continue just for my future. I don't want to left regretness behind.
I hate the feeling and would just try to escape from it.
I believe that everyone is doing their best now just to pass the exam with flying colour neither me.

Lots of them said that they felt very very regret because of no work hard for SPM.
These words brings fear to me.Yeah,I admit it.
So I set up those words in my mind as a motivation for me to work hard.
When its your turn to face SPM,you will know it.The fear and stress just around you.
Everyday said Hi to Mr.Stress,Good night to Mr.Stress.Hahah
I met Mr.Stress before the war begin,then I'm gonna said Bye to Mr.Stress after the war.
Mr.Holiday coming after the war.=)
Think positive,Diana..

If they can do it,you can do it too.This is the time to prove it to everyone.
Actually I don't know gonna pick what course after that.
Maybe just enter FORM 6 then continue my study.
Or taking A-level? Hmmm,confusing..
Anyway..that's not the point yet.Why should I worry about that st? Kinda funny,huh.

My high school life gonna end soon.I'm gonna miss it.=(
It's hard to gather again with all my friends.Different college,Different holidays.
I think we'll meet out on Chinese New Year only.Appreciate the moment we stayed together
Honestly,I feel so sad to separate with every one.Ouchh,I sure tears non stop.
Besides that,will less visit to church too.=(
There are so many things that make me gonna miss it.

New Life.New Begin For Me.

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